Picture Enhancers in film production by Kunle Adepoju

Kunle Adepoju
What is picture? To filmmakers, it is the moving  images we see on screen. Who owns the picture? To film makers it is the director. But in a television production, it is the producer. Now, Like volume is made up of length by breadth by height, so also picture is a content of three dimensions. 
The dimensions are; the quality, the texture and the tone. These are what attract you first to a filn when you see  it. This  is  not our major focus for this week. I hope I will have the privilege to explain these soon. Today, we are focusing on the elements that enhance picture. 
Kunle Adepoju on set
First, elements are what cooks the volume of a picture. They are; 
1. Production design which contains the set, props, costumes as well as make up 
2. The cinematography which contains the quality of light, camera and sound
3. Post Production treatments
When you see a  film and you are excited at what you see, even before you get the storyline, it actually means that the picture is good. You as a reader of this post would have gotten some experiences with unpleasant film look, though the storyline maybe fantastic, and vice versa. But this I will like to tell you. 
Dont play with your set because it can determine how boring or interesting your picture will be. Dont joke with costume, make up and  props, they form the strength of the acting. More importantly, never gamble with all the elements of cinematography, because the three dimensions rest on them. 
With this, I welcome you to the month of November… 
Your productions in this month shall come  out great. MEFA loves you

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