Paul Aremu (Sean Paul); A Make-up/Special Effect Juggernaut With Touch Of Excellence


By Oluwafemi Dosu

It’s no secret that the gospel film ministry is rapidly evolving, particularly in the special effects sector. Perhaps, you’re a fan of Akobi Laaroye, Melita, Intercept, Nicodemus, Afejewe, Aderonmu, Oja, Ajao, The keepers, A journey in the circle, Broken bridge or even Abbatoir ? These are examples of some of the best-selling films that use special effects with most of them having Paul Aremu’s signature.


Paul Eniola Aremu (Sean Paul)

Paul Aremu AKA Sean Paul created many classic looks, achieved great success in the world of special effects make-up. He created a variety of unique SFX looks that have become iconic in the industry, his intricate SFX designs make him one of the most talented special effects make-up artists in Nigeria Gospel Film Ministry.


Sean Paul’s Signature


His expertise In make-up, animatronics and prosthetics, and his ability to create unique SFX designs has built his ministry/industry reputation and shows that dedication to the art can help you reach your full potential.

Sean Paul’s Signature

Paul Eniola Aremu is one of the most sought after make-up and special effect artist in Nigeria today. His works speaks higher volume than his name.


Interested persons can get ahead in this ever-evolving industry by being dedicated to Professional Practice and understanding professionals such as Paul Aremu (Sean Paul).

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