1. He was  born again
2. He was born in Agege
3. He is his father’s look-alike
4. He has his mother’s sense of humor & industry
5. He has been writing stories since he was in Primary School.
6. He hails from Ogun State
7. He doesn’t like mathematics
8. He loves English and literature
9. He sold tickets to his mates in junior secondary School to tell them stories.
10. He doesn’t like sports but love taking evening walk
11. He is a drama minister
12. He is a perfectionist
13. He studied Yoruba at Obafemi Awolowo University
14. He loves foreign languages
15. He doesn’t like long journeys, especially on Nigerian roads. 😂
16. He has one wife and she’s from Kogi state.
17. He doesn’t joke with his wife and kids
18. He loves theatre and filmmaking
19. He can do all things through Christ who strengthens him
20. He used to be a makeup artist
21. He does continuity supervision
22. He directs stage and film productions
23. He does art direction for stage and film productions
24. He write stories
25. He compose all genre of songs.
26. He is a voice-over artist
27. He runs a theatre and film academy.
28. He resides in Ibadan, Oyo state.
29. He cherish friendship
30. He is a proud Yoruba man
31. He is a man of faith
32. He believes in hardwork
33. He is a shy person but thanks to art
34. He can be a talkative when he is talking about film or theatre
35. He started drama at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Agege
36. His wife is his P. A 😘😍🥰
37. His kids are his managers 😂😜
38. He loves love 💞💗
39. He loves making impacts
40. He doesn’t like working with naysayers
41. He loves meeting people
42. He still pray for more grace to do greater exploits
43. Every 4th of March is his birthday


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