Importance of set design in film production


By Kunle Adepoju

Set department is a very important department as all other departments. I have discussed this sometimes in my earlier post on this page. Today, I want us to know that Set is a department that employs not only one personnel in the real sense. Here are some personnels that makes the Set.

The production designer/Art director 
The set dressers 
The decorators 
The carpenters 
The props supervisor 
The dayplayers/Best boys 
A setman is (in most cases) a multi-talented person who is vast in doing virtually all the duties involved here in the department, but it is advisable to employ more hands to specialise in one or two sections of the department.

It is for efficiency 
It is to safe time 
It reduces boredom…  And  many  other advantages. 
On the other hand, it is costlier.

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