Leadership Zone With Dr. Godwyns Agbude: WHY LEADERS FAIL (1)


By Godwyns Ade’ Agbude (PhD)

1. Pride and ego:

Pride and ego can be detrimental to effective leadership. When leaders become overly proud or egotistical, they resist valuable input from team members, ignore constructive criticism, and prioritize personal success over the well-being of the group. An example is the downfall of a CEO who, blinded by ego, dismisses warnings about a flawed business strategy. Their refusal to acknowledge the concerns of subordinates can lead to organizational failure, as the unchecked pride prevents them from making necessary adjustments.

Successful leaders balance confidence with humility, fostering collaboration and adaptability within their teams.

As a leader, always remember that the best ideas do not have to necessarily come from you! One of the secrets of successful leaders is to surround themselves with more intelligent people and listen to them!

Cut down on your pride and ego, listen to other people’s opinions and acknowledge their usefulness to your overall objective. Don’t forget, you can reject a bad idea without rejecting the person that gave it!


…to be continued…

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