7 People you can’t afford not to involve in your next production

By Dan Ope Makinde

As the trend of Faith Based Movies, moving into Theatres and Cinemas advances, so is the need for Pro-Technical hands to man or handle the possibility of the proposed production to get into the expected market.
These are list of Filmmakers who are Christians and have been tested and trusted overtime both In the secular and the gospel. Fold. The list of people you can’t afford  not to engage in your next production according to Dan Ope Makinde’s Diary are:
John Oguntuase
John Oguntuase
An Ikorodu based, married filmmaker who chose drama and art as a career plus journalism over church ministry is not just a short film, smartphone producer and lecturer but a director of feature movies alike. He has directed feature films all over the Country and as assisted in cordinating Faith Based films. He is widely known in the industry by almost every Faith Based filmmakers and also has large number of friends in the Secular (Nollywood) field who take professional advice from him and he does same. He will bring the imagery of your vision for your production into limelite. Mind you, if your game is well played he can be a contact bank for any gospel actor you need.
2.Video Editor: 
Dan Ope Makinde

Dan Ope Makinde

Yes Daniel Opeoulwa Makinde, the son of one of the First and top elders of faith based drama ministry. He is not just a born filmmaker but an experienced and certified one at that. His strength is VIDEO EDITING. Many who have worked or patronised his prowess knows that he has a collection of skill in editing (i.e. Colour Grading, Motion Graphics, Subtitling, Special effects especially.). He spent years working in the eastern part of Nigeria as an Editor. He, like his friend, Oguntuase, has many sides to his filmmaking career, although he was born into a faith based filmmaking family, he has so many Nollywood experiences in movies to his profile which he edited or subtitled or color graded, or did quality control. Apart from this, he studied Directing in Film School (TFS) and has wild knowledge in cinematography too. He is presently the Regional President Of Bread Of life Film Productions.
Rapheal Oluwaseyi
Raphael Oluwaseyi
 He’s not a stranger  to many faith based filmmakers. He presently holds a top position in ANCEDRAM Lagos State Chapter. He has a particular strength in CINEMATOGRAPHY or VIDEOGRAPHY. He is of course a friend to Dan Ope Makinde and John Oguntuase and they have worked on some ground breaking projects together. What a perfection. Raph has shot over 50 movies and still shooting. He is humble and not greedy, he has fine smile even at the face of seriousness. His strength is Camera handling.
Ayo Cineman Olaleye
Ayo Cineman Olaleye
An intimte colleague with John Oguntuase who also doubles as a Director is prowessed in SCREENWRITING also known  as scriptwriting. To the glory of God, this faith based filmmaker who resides in Ibadan has written many scripts and tutored many who are making waves in the film industry both home and abroad. A producer and a husband of one wife. He writes and balances it with achievable intellects. According to this collection or for the sake of professionalism please involve him in your story as he helps your break it down into heart breaking script.
5.Production Manager: Sampam Adebanjo
Sampam Adebanjo
An Ikorodu-based faith based Filmmaker. A quiet but firm personnel is one of a kind when it comes to production management. Thanks to his paramilitary training. He will not just handle your production phenomena has it should run but he’s capable of helping you get CONTACTS. To his profile, he attended Mount Zion Film Institute and Bread of Life Drama College. An ‘OMO AGBA’ and a lover of art and culture. He has worked with top Production Managers like Tunde Owah and the likes. Sampam Adebanjo can make your production the best managed. His strength is in moving around and gaining grounds. So give him your money and he would PM for you without integrity breach.
6.Digital Marketer: 
Oluwafemi Dosu
Oluwafemi Dosu
This young man has been known for persistence, consistence and steadibility overtime. He is relentless. We didn’t tell you that he is affiliated with almost every faith based filmmaker in Nigeria and North Africa at large. He is a member of many drama outlets and the Brain behind gospel entertainment popularly known as GOSPEL FILM NEWS. He is not just gonna trend your movie. He is wealthy enough in knowledge to give you the right push to stardom as an individual or as an organization that you are. His involvement in filmmaking news reportage has widen his coast on digital marketing which the likes of John Oguntuase and Dan Ope Makinde has always been preaching to us. He comes to your location at technical and professional charge and then he gives you a professional push alongside media hype beyond your imagination. His Fanbase capacility is up to 500,000 (people) within Nigeria and 123,000 (people) outside Nigeria and still counting. Contact him for your production and you will never regret you did. Save yourself the stress of advertising your product all by yourself, make your film go viral so as to reach out to ‘unbelievers & the world’ at large, involve Oluwafemi Dosu. And then sleep. 
Dare Norman & Adebayo Effect
Adebayo Effect

Dare Norman

It is difficult to seperate these two professional Makeup artiste. These residents of Lagos, Nigeria has travelled far and wide in the trade that God has blessed them with. They specialise in beauty and special effects makeover and makeups respectively. Except a clash in prodcutions, they majorly work together. They are like duo artistes. ‘Dare Norman’ is presently a cordinator in one of ANCEDRAM Lagos Chapter branches, so also is ‘Adebayo Effects’ an executive in same association.
These afforementioned people are all digitally inclined. They attend workshops, present workshops, campaign for gospel movie revolution and are never over zealous with prices and charges. They just want to get involved in your production for the glory of God.
Please note that, this writeup is not to ridicule anyone in the industry but to announce to all the most affordable professional hands you have at your door steps. For more information on how to have all these ones on your set please contact the board of this website on “+2348142760676” or OLUWAFEMI DOSU.

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