Ben Ope Johnson pens heartwarming message to wife on birthday


By Dare Fayemi
Ben Ope Johnson, a veteran Director of Photography popularly known as ‘Daddy BeeJay’  by his teeming friends and fans today via facebook pens down heartwarming birthday to her wife which he captioned ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE’.
“You are a woman of honour. You are my prayers strength no one can ever contend that with you”.
“God being the greatest mathematician before our birth has decided that he would do a calculation that will shock both of us”. 

“He started by calculating in frames, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and finally years”.
“The secret things belongs to God he decided to show us some, which are days 20 and 21, month August and September. year… blablabla…. I will discuss that later”. 
“By days in the month, you came on 20th and I came on 21st. By month in a year, I came in August and you came in September”.
“I remember people calling us brother and sister when we were in courtship because we look alike. Are we truly brother and sister? Yes that is the way we have been living together since you said yes I do”.
“Do we have differences? Oh! E plenty oooo. Each of us possesses  different class of  temperament (sanguine, melancholy, phlegmatic and choleric)”.
You don’t keep friends like me. You don’t easily trust anyone like me.  It takes you time and season before you can trust anyone completely. I thought those things are weaknesses I did not know I was making mistakes. 
What I thought was your weakness was actually my greatest weakness. “Smarter” guys used it against me, but I’ve learnt my lessons, lovely!
God has made you my strength. My number one supporter.The one and only person that can forgive me almost immediately even if I don’t remember to apologise. You are an Umbrella inside the rain. You are my one, the only one and the best friend I know.
I celebrate you my wife. You are the mother to our children. You also double as father whenever I’m away from home. You are my mother, my sister and my gbogbo nkan.
Happy birthday to you, the love of my life. I love yooooooooouuuuu”. Ben Ope Johnson wrote via his facebook account.

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