Exclusive: Kembe Isonu is an epic motion picture that reveals ancient evil practice, culture- Producer


By Oluwafemi Dosu
The producer of Gbajumo Weere, Evangelist Femi Adebile has described his just concluded movie shoot entitled ‘Kembe Isonu’ as an epic motion picture suitable for evangelical outreach such as revivals and crusades.

He disclosed this in an exclusive interview with Gospel Film News.

Adebile noted that the movie is a deep traditional movie that reveals ancient evil practices and culture, saying It reveals the bondage in which people who are Godless are put in to by Satan and its wide gap to modernity.

The movie which was directed by Dr. Adeoye Omoniyi with over one hundred cast and crew also illuminates more on the supremacy of God’s divine power through His son, Jesus!

“Although, the Power of God is unquantifiable and unfathomable, but Kembe Isonu explained what His power looks like in the lives of those who truly believe in him and follow after his footsteps. A very powerful tool for Evangelical outreach such as revivals and gospel crusades Kembe Isonu is,” Adebile stated.

Kembe Isonu which shoot ended on Saturday was shot on location for four days and will be out in few months time.

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Photo Credit: WinningSide Media, Omotara Olumuyiwa

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