EDITORIAL: Are Crew Members Treated Fairly on the Sets of Gospel Movies?



Filmmaking is, undoubtedly, a daring and multifaceted task. One of the several considerations towards the success of a movie production is the welfare of the casts and crew involved. Where adequate provision is not made for this, concerned stakeholders cannot but frown. Especially, when this is observed within the Gospel Movies circle.


In more than a few instances, crew members at the shoot locations of some Gospel films, have faced challenges ranging from inconducive accommodation, poor feeding, to a remuneration that is either too meagre or not forthcoming.

Reports during a chat with Gospel Film News have also revealed situations where some of the casts are rated higher than others, and are therefore given preferential treatment (e.g. comfortable accomodation and feeding) while others are either persuaded or swayed into managing what is ‘available’.


The question of “Who should bear the blame?” might be relevant here. While some folks might generally blame the Production Manager, Gospel Film News (GFN) believes that the peculiarity of each situation should be considered before casting blames. Nevertheless, it is saddening to hear from some quarters that a Production Manager siphons some of the provided funds and then pleads with crew to bear the inadequacies. ‘Wicked’ might be an appropriate word here.

Worthy of mention also, is the issue of rest at locations. While it is known that Filmmaking is time-consuming, tasking, and deserves great diligence, many would agree that some measure of rest is beneficial for the crew’s optimal performance too. Where they are required and pressured to work round the clock with little or no rest, the situation might be described by some as unfair.


While these situations and issues must be decried, it must be noted as well that some Producers and Production Managers have been excellent in their management of all human and material resources in the course of filmmaking. In the words of the Holy scripture, such are worthy of ‘double honour’.


While it might hold some water to argue that the venture of producing Gospel movies is a matter of faith and sacrifice as unto the Lord, it is also worthy of note that the Holy Bible teaches that ‘brethen’ must accord fair treatment unto one another in all engagements, hence the provision of adequate welfare for the casts and crew involved in the production of a movie, and a ‘Gospel Movie’ at that.


Of course, there are salient matters and divergent views concerning what entails good welfare, the demands of Crew members, the concept of non-profit filmmaking, and others. Yet, a fair increase in the quality of welfarism accorded crew members, would definitely be a plus, not a minus.


And, talking of ‘divergent views.’ That’s the beauty of the media. We lay the issues on the table, and vibrant minds dissect the subject. So, you can lend yours to it via the comment section.

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