Exclusive: Mary’s Option is a movie coined from bible, seen from different perspective- Cinematographer

By Oluwafemi Dosu

A successful and well respected cinematographer, Kunle Adepoju has opened up that the just concluded movie of Fruit Bearers Productions, Mary’s Option is a story coined from the bible but seen in a different perspective.

Adepoju made this known recently in an exclusive chat with Gospel Film News.

He disclosed that: “We are not seeing it from the angle of a story but from the angle of what the story is teaching us. It is the story of Mary, Martha, Lazarus and Jesus. We want to portray the behaviour of those guys in the scripture.”

The successful cinematographer noted that one thing about the film is that the script was written in a very good way, it was crafted in a very good way, adding that before anyone knows that it’s a biblical story such would have finished seeing the movie.

“I want people to come and see from another angle how a story of the bible showcased,” he said.

He further explained to Gospel film News that shooting of the movie took much time because of the peculiarity of the production.

“Number one is that on the aspect of script supervision, because the story is actually a story from the bible; we don’t want to preach heresy and at the same time we are trying to play the story in a contemporary way. It’s actually a biblical story being played in the contemporary way, and you know if we are doing that we also need to be very careful not to preach heresy of the scripture, and that is one of the reasons.

“Another reason is our technicality, we also want to get it right, and you know there are some unforeseen circumstances that you discovered just happened and you will work around it. Those are the things that i can say. It’s also good to get the preparations right before you shoot and when you get the preparation normal, shooting becomes faster. So, we can take enough time in preparing for the shoot and the shooting will become very short,” Adepoju added.


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