Movie Review: The Prostitute, Directed By Moses Korede Are


  Reviewed By Ajibare Abioye 

If you ask me, I would say that the story of Hosea and Gomer is arguably the trickiest material in the Bible that a Christian screenwriter could base their script on. The last one I reviewed is In Love with A Prostitute (2021) and this one’s title is just as on the nose. Because of similar pitfalls in both movies, I’m almost challenged to take up writing a screenplay on this as well, determined to avoid banana skins in the Old Testament narrative.

This drama as played out in the Scriptures is an example of what is termed Applied Prophetic Drama, in which the dramatic situation affects the dramatist in a real-life way. The marriage between Hosea and Gomer was used by God as a symbol of His relationship with the people of Israel. Trying to replicate this literally under the New Covenant stands a risk of misleading completely, and as such, only those with adequate Scriptural knowledge would accurately get the message of The Prostitute. I believe that is what necessitated the expository epilogue (shot with ineffective chroma keying). Therefore, this movie should not be seen as an instructive material on how to make the choice of a life partner.

The protagonist, Steve, is engaged in several monologues in the course of the movie which have two sides to them. In the first half of The Prostitute, his thoughts all show that him seeking out a prostitute for marriage wasn’t inspired by God, thus a really bad idea. I believe that is why Steve refers to the “invisible force” pushing him in that odd direction; it would be heretical and counter-productive to the purpose of a Christian film to plainly claim it was God. The Father reaches out to the most ungodly people, but He would not ‘lead’ another into sin to get it done. In the latter stages of the movie, Steve’s thoughts tend to reflect a bit of the patience God has with us even when we fall into sin, so that we can return to Him.

In spite of the sharp bends in the story, I would say that the leads played their roles quite well. Technically speaking, The Prostitute only needed to have been half as long, for a more coherent, linear plot would have nullified the need for the many jumps in time the film had. The subtitles were substandard and I recommend that subsequent film projects would do better with a good production designer on board, to impact the overall production value.

I think the reason this Bible story keeps being visited is because of its prospect as a Christian love story, and when expertly written for the screen, will finally fulfil that potential.

The link to the movie is https://youtu.be/hOD2bJOR7QQ?si=s5_LljPUlfCKeLAF

Till the next review, stay blessed!

Film Credits


(March 14, 2024)

118 minutes

Calvary Drama Ministry


Praise Ololade Agboola as Steve

Bamike Rebecca Are as Serena

Seun Adejumobi as Bobby



Moses Korede Are


Moses Korede Are


Moses Korede Are 2 and Oluwafemi Olabamiji


Oluwafemi Olabamiji

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