MOVIE REVIEW: Abattoir Season 2, Episode 6 produced by Mount Zion


Reviewed by Ajibare Abioye


What’s up folks? You’re welcome to my final review for Abattoir Season 2.


This episode was a befitting resolution to the main conflict that the series started with. Martins eventually realizes that Jesus had always been there with him and that if he forgave his father, then, he’d be free. As forgiveness is likened to freedom, I see the abattoir as a prison, which is what gave Durosanya the power to dictate the events of Martins’ life. Martins became very much elated after Jesus paid him a visit, and I think the last time he spoke so passionately and joyfully was in Season 1.

Ajibare Abioye

I’m of the opinion that the recap of a previous episode shouldn’t be more than a minute long, which would ensure that time and space are technically and optimally utilized. So, I’ll like to see this worked on in Christian movie series to come.


It’s really sad that Nike dies, especially without receiving God’s forgiveness of her sins. It’s important that we as children of God pray that none of our parents’ misdeeds would find revenge upon our lives. Obviously, this episode reveals that Durosanya was only in hunt of a prey, and unfortunately for him, that happened to be his accomplice in perpetrating evil.


This has set up a nice conflict ahead of what will be a third season of the Abattoir series. This is one of my favourite parts of Episode 6 – that though the season has ended, it leaves the audience with a sense of satisfaction, in addition to the anticipation for a new season. It’s left to be seen what happens to all our beloved cast.


Alright, we’ve come to the end of this snap review. Have you seen the episode? What did you think about it? What’s your favourite part of this Season 2? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section.


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