MOVIE REVIEW: “Love Prison” produced by GACEM Films Production


Reviewed by Ajibare Abioye

What’s up, folks? You’re welcome to the review of “Love Prison”, a Valentine’s Day Christian YouTube release this year from the stables of GACEM Films and Music Production. The story was conceived and the movie directed by Adeniyi Famewo, while the screenplay was done by Dayo David. I always like it when I see both the story concept and the screenplay being credited in the opening sequence of movies.


“Love Prison” has its lead actors in Seun Adejumobi who featured in The Train (2020) and Unplugged (2020) and Omowunmi Olatunde who featured in Abattoir Season 1(2020) and In Love with a Prostitute (2021), playing a newly-wedded couple, but no sooner had the movie begun than the strife started and the conflict kept increasing as the story progressed. This helped in sustaining the interest of the audience till the end. Also, the main soundtrack was pretty good, while the film possesses quite a high picture quality and features active camera movements with successful long takes. Similarly, though a minor character, Eniola, played by Titilayo Adesanya, nails her role.


The 70-minute movie qualifies as a proper love movie because it portrays romantic love between a Christian couple and at the end of the day, you would realize that love is more than words; it’s about the things we do and our motives behind them. “Love Prison” shows the consequences of insincerity during courtship. While it seems that it’s Omowunmi Olatunde’s Bimpe that is culpable, the depths of the spiritual immaturity and lack of genuine love for wife from Seun Adejumobi’s Kola is of greater concern.


Kola embodies a myriad of wrong mindsets like his wife being a source of bad luck to him. He also feels that prayers would work exclusively of whether he holds his wife in unforgiveness or not. This movie addresses such hypocrisy and portrays the double-mindedness of an unstable Christian who should have made his pastor his first point of call, rather than fraternizing with spiritualists here and there. It also shows us that the fact that we have been hurt should not then make us ungodly or vengeful, which does not portray God’s love in any way.


In the description of the movie on YouTube, it is stated that some untold stories unfold and for me, it was a good plot twist. I however would have loved it if it wasn’t made open-ended, which would have answered questions on how Bimpe’s grandmother handled the case of the “young man” that stayed in her house. Also, there was an unnecessary scene that the movie could have done without in Kola’s confrontation with a cyclist. All in all, “Love Prison” is a touching movie where we care for the characters and learn what true love entails and doesn’t comprise.


Alright, we’ve come to the end of this review. You can watch the movie below:

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