“HIM, HER& I” part 11&12 by Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde



( A Love Triangle)
©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

The pain I was feeling was second to none as it felt like someone was forcing a long stick down my throat…

Oh my God! Abortion or “Flushing” as the nurse called it, was an emotional and physical experience that had PAIN in CAPITALS… I had paid the sum of N10,000.

The nurse who was an excuse for a nurse, was so unprofessional. She had only one more staff present in the hospital that could best be referred to as a mortuary. The odour oozing out of the hospital was worse than a public toilet.

The nurse had taken me to a room they thought was a theatre, I was told to lie down on a makeshift bed with my two legs spread in a raised up position.

I looked sideways and saw her taking out some long slim rods which varied in sizes.The next thing that happened was pain….

Oh my God! She inserted the long rod into me and I started screaming…She told me to keep quiet in a very loud angry voice.

She kept turning and twisting the rod… Oh my goodness! What an irony, the same way I spread my leg in sexual excitement with Papa was the same way I was spreading my leg in pains as someone was thrusting down different iron rods into me to remove Papa’s baby.

It must have lasted 5-10minutes. I was cleaned up and told to leave. As I stood up to leave, I saw the nylon bag that was filled with blood…

“ YOU JUST WASTED A LIFE” I heard it, I heard those words loud and clear. I turned to see who spoke but no one…

I knew that must have been God…. I immediately became afraid. A sudden fear gripped my heart. My phone immediately started ringing. I checked the caller ID as I moved to the reception, it was Papa…

I sat on one of the chairs to receive the call…

“ Hello…”

“ Hello Timi.., Good Afternoon, I am sorry for my reaction yesterday… I need us to talk, we need to expose our error, and besides I don’t think you should do the abortion. It is a sin , I am ready to bear the responsibility and face the shame. And if it means us getting married, I will know it is my cross…” Papa said

I didn’t know what to say as I realized I had just made a big mistake…

“ I just did the abortionnnnn…” I said and for the first time, it felt like a veil had just been pulled off my face.

“ What!” Papa said

I could hear him breaking down in tears…

“ Timi…. Why…. what have you done to me… I just rose up from a revelation after praying all night for mercy. I saw a revelation where I was told that my first fruit is a destiny child to usher in wealth for me…, but Timi you have terminated my first fruit…” I heard Papa wailing…

We both started crying on the phone, but my relief from the pain below my belly was short lived as I heard the angry nurse saying…

“ Hey hey… You need to leave, you have to go home to rest.” She said as she was pulling me from the chair. It felt like she was literally pushing me out of their hole called a hospital.

I had a high pain threshold, so I groaned in pain silently as my lower abdomen was hurting on my way back to the hostel. After Papa had dropped the call in tears, I had called him repeatedly but he did not pick up.

I laid down on my bed groaning and weeping.

“ What have you done to yourself Timileyin?” I asked myself

“ I was trying to play God, I was trying to find myself a better place where I could drop all my baggage and live in peace” I answered myself..

“ But did it turn out that way?” I asked myself again

“ No…I have lost Papa…” I replied

“ You should have left the pregnancy “ I said to myself

“ And disappoint my parents the second time?” I screamed at myself

I wept thinking how things did not go as planned…and how I had wasted a life…

To be continued

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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

( A Love Triangle)
©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Mmesoma kept singing and it was obvious something was making her happy. She tried chatting with me but I kept giving her the “Huh Huh” answer because of the excruciating pain I was feeling in my lower abdomen and the pain in my heart as I had been calling Papa repeatedly without any response from him…

“ Timi, there is something I want to share with you!” She said smiling from ear to ear “but it seems you are not in the mood to talk”

“ Hmmm… Hmmm…can it wait till tomorrow, I am feeling sleepy” I said

“ Ok, guess I have to tell someone else about it, i can’t keep calm” Mmesoma said smiling…

“ Is it that important?” I asked

“ Very important!” Mmesoma said giggling. By that time, she was already dialing a number…

“ Hello Ugo, I am so high right now!” She said giggling…

“ High in the Spirit of course, I can’t keep calm… Bro Kennedy has asked me out!” Mmesoma said and my head lifted up on its own accord. Bro Kennedy and Mmesoma, What was the connection?. Mmesoma had left our fellowship 3 months ago, so how did they end up together?

“ Yes ooo, exactly… God gave me exactly the kind of man I have been praying for, for the past 3 years… but you know God is a mysterious God, I didn’t know He had something special for me in a federal university…” She said giggling

I guess whoever she was speaking with asked how Bro Kennedy proposed…

“ He just proposed this night in the sweetest way ever ! Guess how?… We had just completed our usual bible study together, We discussed Matthew 28:18-20, where Christ said All authority has been given to him and that we should go and make disciples of him… Bro Kennedy just said all of a sudden “Sis Mmesoma I know you are passionate about making disciples and I am also passionate about that, I love your personality and smile. I wish and hope we can have this Bible study time together for a long time together… you know outside school, together in a house with children and you know…”… Ugo, you know Bro Kennedy could not complete his statement as he had his head bowed, so I helped him” Mmesoma said laughing out so loud

“ I told him, “ Bro Kennedy are you by any chance trying to propose marriage to me?”…. He nodded and I laughed so loud, he thought I wanted to say something else, but I just said “It will be a pleasure to make disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, side by side with you, but however you will give me sometime to confirm with God!” Mmesoma said and hot tears dropped from my eyes as I laid on the bed…

I didn’t know what was causing the tears? Was it the fact that I had lost on the two sides or was I jealous of Mmesoma, I couldn’t tell…

“ Appearance… of course I know appearance is important, but Appearance is just the Icing on the cake, not the cake and the cake is what is most important …Bro Kennedy’s Lifestyle is the cake, while his appearance is the Icing…” She said laughing

“ Ugochi.. Hold on.. I know the Icing is important, but who Icing help?” She said laughing

“ It is the outsiders that see the Icing, but it is wife that knows what the cake feels like. If I marry a man who looks good on the outside but has a bad character at home, of what use? Ugochi, Bro Kennedy is a very good cake, I will work on his Icing…” Mmesoma said laughing…

“ Ok sweetheart… thanks dearie, extend my greetings to Mum and Dad, I will come home soon…” Mmesoma said and hung up….

“ Congratulations…” I said so she could know I heard her…

“ Thanks sweetheart, I couldn’t keep calm..Sorry for my disturbance… Timi, Bro Kennedy is so nice, thank you for saying No to him, he told me he had asked you out earlier, but you said you were not interested…” She said running up to me and tickling me in a cheerful and playful way but she shouted..

“ Timi, your bed is stained!”

To be continued

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL or WhatsApp +234-8151103646. Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Lets be mindful of others.

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde


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