Isaac Femi-Akintunde Celebrates 25th Wedding Anniversary


By Damilare Daniel 
A notable Film Actor and member of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Evang. Isaac Femi-Akintunde has to his social media page to celebrate his 25th wedding anniversary.

According to Gospel Film News correspondent, the Film Icon expressed gratitude to God for His love for his family and also appreciates his wife, Grace Femi-Akintunde who is also a Mount Zion member for standing by him.

“25 years of God’s Faithfulness. 25 years of God’s Love. 25 years of Friendship and impeccable love. 25 years of togetherness and faithfulness. 25 years of positive progression in the things of God. 25 years of ministerial impact. 25 years of GRACE.

“I’d forever be in awe of the story God started 25 years ago. The script has been challenging to master and the shots have been hectic but this 25th phase of the production has been another remarkable success. After using various costumes, different locations, all sorts of props and a couple of top-notch equipment, we are glad that God has always been on this journey with us.

“He says as every successful story would go through hurdles before triumph, this beautiful story is not an exception. The journey has been exceptional, practical, and personal. In all, it has been full of God’s mercy and passion renewed for one another in love and togetherness,” he stated.

Akintunde also expressed that his marriage has been stuffed with joyful moments shared with the fruits of their marriage as well as the ministerial gifts surrounding them. It has been a worthwhile journey too. It has been basked in God’s power and His hand of favour.

He further acknowledged having seen God move in the marriage, seen His covenant renewed with them although the 25 years truthfully but have never gone one day in the journey without the hand of God, and for this, they remain forever grateful.

He concluded by saying: “We celebrate this year again, in freshness, peace, joy and increased faith in the God of our salvation. We celebrate in faithfulness and recognition of God’s fulfillment of prophecy over our lives. Going about this journey would never be complete without my wonderful and ever-loving wife by my side. You remain MY SISTER GRACE, the wife of my youth. HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY.”

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