Reviewed By Ajibare Abioye 

 “Unforeseen Doom” seems to be the sequel to a movie released last year, “The Lord’s Prayer” and continues a little while after it. Kunle and Lizzy begin their new lives together, which is what they both wanted from the time we’ve known them. Unfortunately, this desire becomes a disaster soon after. With the introduction of new characters such as Kemi, Timothy and Eben, a related subplot is created through which the other aspects of what is referred to as the Lord’s Prayer are further examined.


 If there are things I wish this production had done better, they would be in one way or the other connected to the story. Even before that, two titles are shown within the opening credits at different points, which I must say was rather confusing. At the end of the day, I could only wonder whatever doom it was that was unforeseen in the movie.


Also, it was rather unsettling to see the captions on many occasions providing stylistic differences to what the characters were saying, maybe in a bid to correct ungrammatical lines. But then, that was the thing: those dialogues were already correct! Furthermore, there was a preponderance of short scenes, which just don’t help in character or plot development.


The lack of ingenuity of sound design in the first movie continues here, and gets more so when The Lord’s Prayer soundtrack plays even in a scene that takes place in a shrine. Importantly too, some of the core events of the story beggar belief.


“Unforeseen Doom” goes to quite some extent to show that there are ancestral battles that occur in the lives of children of God, that only the power of God can set one free from.

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