How our drama ministry started- Ibukun Williams


By Oluwafemi Dosu 

About 25years ago, some young boys and girls in Williams Memorial Methodist Church, Ago-Ijaye, Ebute Meta, Lagos looking forward to use the vast energy and time for God decided to come together and minister in drama.


According to the president, Evangelist Ibukun Williams majority of them came from the choir, the brigade and the prayer team. They call themselves then ‘Ago-Ijaye Drama Group’.

Williams told Gospel Film News that there were no specific leaders, they just come together,spend long hours at vigil , praying, less time rehearsing, adding that they would even highjack someone that has come to church for other purpose to make up the cast, yet their ministrations is always impactful.

They were then popular faces at revivals, conventions and other events organized by the church especially in the Lagos area. As it is natural with life, within time, each and every member of the group moved on to find fulfilment in life. A few are still in the church, they do not act again, many traveled abroad,some relocated, others joined other churches, some became pastors in other churches, some own their own miniseries but out of them, two became ordained ministers in Methodist church, and the two never forego their passion, wherever they go, they took Drama Ministry along. The two are Rev. Daniel Kehinde Bolaji, the present coordinator ANCEDRAM Ido-Osi unit in Ekiti state. He is the producer of the popular movie ‘OKAN ENIYAN’ and his second work ‘OFA ANA’ which will be released in few weeks time. 

The second person is Rev. Sam Ibukun Williams who is presently based in Isanlu (Kogi state). He too has produced three great works- THE WALKING CORPSE, BEYOND THE CLOUDS and I SAW HELL. His latest effort- NI KIKU NI YIYE is due to be released.

“Now to Jan. 2019: it has become a tradition for Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Isanlu land to spend the first two weeks of the year rotating revival programme among the churches. I was scheduled to minister on the first day. The revival theme was: Ewu Igba Ikehin (The dangers of the end time) Since I have a short one man drama titled: The Mark of the Beast-666 that the Lord gave to me about 13years ago that goes along with the revival theme, I acted the short drama and the result was profounding,” he said.

He further revealed that “throughout the revival period the drama was the focal point. The CAN chairman had to give up his slot to preach on the closing day as I was invited again to represent the same drama. Immediately after the closing day ministration, I got invitation from 8 different churches for ministration including one from the PFN block to round off their new year revival program. Ever since, the invitations has kept on pouring in. I need His grace to keep on being humbled, I need His strength to proclaim the totality the word and the truth, I need His blood to always avail for me.”

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