Mike Bamiloye caution drama ministers, task them to join ongoing fasting and prayer


By Oluwafemi Dosu
The doyen of Christian drama and president of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye has cautioned Drama Ministers who are not part of the ongoing drama ministers fasting and prayer and task them to join the fasting and prayer.

Bamiloye who made this known yesterday 28th of January, 2019 in a statement issued and signed by him stated that a Drama Minister who desire to do mighty exploits and be a reference point in his or her generation will not joke with fasting and prayers.

Gospel Film News gathered that the Ace Drama Evangelist in the statement he entitled AND YOU ARE A DRAMA MINISTER reiterated that a Drama Minister who carry many visions and want to accomplish for God, who desire to fulfill eternal mandate, want his/her works to grow wings and fly to the ends of the earth, want his/her voice to be a Seal and a Stamp must be given to fasting and prayers.

You dont want to pray and fast, you run away and give various excuses to avoid prayers and fasting, you fast like a baby and cry for food at 12 noon. Even Jesus Christ fast, Moses fast, Elijah and Elisha fast, John fast and broke often with locust and honey, Daniel eating only vegetables and lentils for three years was a fast. But you, a drama minister acting devils and demons, and behaving like mad man and prostitutes on stage and films, you hear of fasting, you begin to develop fever and headache. You fast and broke at 12 noon for 3 days and you begin to celebrate. And you want to pull down strongholds, he added.

Bamiloye noted that MFM is fasting, Winners are fasting, Redeemed are fasting, Gofamint are fasting and many other churches are fasting and praying at this season, adding that Drama Ministers are also fasting for the overflowing expansions for 40, 50, and 70 days and some pretend as if they are not aware of the news.

“Brother, sister, when the fire begins to rage and many of us are beginning to fly on eagles wings later, dont begin to look at us with one kind eyes ooo. When unexpected Drama Ministers are beginning to do mighty exploits later, dont forget they have paid some price in the closet. And when you begin to struggle to make things happen and are meeting with a lots of huddles, dont run around seeking for deliverance. Are you a drama minister? Get in the queue. It is fasting and prayers season, he concluded.

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