Gospel Film News celebrate a man of honour, Evangelist Shola Mike Agboola today 9th of September, 2020.

Shola Mike Agboola is a household name in this country and abroad. He needs no further intorduction especially to lovers of gospel films.

To many, he is an outstanding father, to some he is a great actor, script writer and director, while many others see him as a mentor.

God has made Agboola a tremedious blessing to lives in Nigeria and beyond through his films and of course, through personal interaction.

He is a leader par excellence, an advocate of peace, a writer with special gift. Shola Mike Agboola is a man who could be described as father of all nations due to his kind heart. He is easily approachable, calm and cool headed, little wonder he was appointed secretary to Board of Trustees, All Nigeria Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers which is accronymed ANCEDRAM.

Shola Mike Agboola is also known for good accent when acting or speaking. He speaks english and yoruba language fluently. He has many awards to his credit.

He was born in Northern Nigeria a couple of years after Nigeria gained independence. He got born again in August, 1988. He is a graduate of the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. He is a full-time Drama Evangelist with EVOM World Network – a nondenomination ministry based in Kwara State, North Central, Nigeria. He serves as the Executive president of the ministry.

While revealing how EVOM started, he told Gospel Film News in exclusive Interview that “Towards the end of 1988, a group of young Christians came together with a mind of preaching the gospel but, then, we did not want to employ any of the then conventional methods of reaching out vis-à-vis preaching, singing, writing tracts etc. We wanted something different. God led us to preach the gospel via drama. Our first-ever drama ministration was in December, 1988. However, the official birth date of EVOM is March 1, 1989. This is because we consider the period between December, 1988 and March, 1989 as our period of preparation.”

Agboola is a Christian Scriptwriter, Director and Actor. He has written and directed many movies and over a dozen full-length stage drama productions. He is also an author with a number of topical Christian books to his credit. He speaks at seminars, conferences, conventions and other Christian forums within and outside Nigeria.

He is the current General Secretary, Board of Trustees, All Nigeria Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers (ANCEDRAM), Nigeria.

Mike Agboola is married to Blessing Adegbayike Agboola and tlhey are blessed with children.

In his 2020 birthday request Agboola acknowledged God as immortal Invincible God, saying unto Him alone be all praise for sustaining his life to witness another year in peace and bliss, adding that he can never thank God enough.

He therefore call on friends and well-wishers, to help him do three things on this special day of his:

1. Join me to lavish God Almighty with praise, and pray for me as you are led.

2. Commit EVOM’s film shoot, starting on 10Sept, unto God in prayers.

3. Join us to spread the divine message in EVOM productions via YouTube by Subscribing to our Channel and encouraging others to do the same. Here is the link to click:


The management and entire staffs of Gospel Film News hereby celebrate you on your birthday and we pray the presence of God will not depart from you in Jesus name.

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