Film producer calls on gospel film makers to use their films as souvenir

By Oluwafemi Dosu
A gospel film producer and a notable Elder in the association of Christian drama practitioners, Evangelist Rhoda Yusuf is calling on gospel film makers to use their films as souvenir in order to reach more souls.
The producer who was speaking with Gospel Film News recently in an exclusive interview noted that the first thing she uses as souvenir whenever she has a function is Christian films.
“I will use myself as example. If I want to do anything, maybe party or whatever, the first thing I use as souvenir is Christian films, I give them to people. I buy films and give to people, I also give my own films to people. One of the challenges is that not many people do listen to Christian advert, it’s still within our circle but if we can just take a step further, go to maybe where Muslims are having programmes or you have a party that unbelievers will attend, give them Christian films as souvenir, they will watch the films,” she said.
Yusuf continued: “If you give them for free they will collect it but if you say you want to sell it they may reject it. It has happened to me before: I went for a wedding ceremony and I took the films and some of the Christian literature I produced along and I approached them, ‘Oh, this is our film do you care for?’ and they responded ‘No, we don’t have money,’ and I made them understand it’s for free and they gladly accepted it, even those who initially rejected it later requested for it. By so doing, they will watch the films (Christian films) when they get home and they will be blessed.”
She also stated that since the calling of gospel film makers is to preach the gospel through evangelical drama they must make sure that their scripts are salted with the word of God so that as they go out they minister undiluted word of God.
In her words, Yusuf noted that film makers or producers should not have in mind that they want to make money, saying  if their motive is to make money they won’t be able to preach the real word of God, but it should be in their minds that they want to use their film to win souls.
The producer also expressed her joy over showing gospel films in cinema.
“I love that, I really covet the cinema film making, it’s good. It is a medium of taking our films to a higher level. I really love it, but you know that before you can take your film to the cinema there are somethings you need to consider about the film. It means we need to really package our works very well to meet the target audience,” she reiterated.
She concluded by advising gospel film makers and drama ministers to seek God first, put God first in anything they want to do and let their messages preach the gospel, adding that it should be a message that will affect lives, that will bring souls to God, not entertainment. 
Rhoda Yusuf however expressed dissatisfaction that many film makers hammer on making money, stressing that it’s God that blesses.
She further explained that she didn’t say film makers shouldn’t sell their films or not to make money through the films but that shouldn’t be the first target, “our main target is to win souls,” she said.

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2 thoughts on “Film producer calls on gospel film makers to use their films as souvenir

  1. As monetary as many might believe that I am, I will repentantly say that, I have tried her approach and there the money comes. I even advocate that gospel films should be charge free if its only going to be distributed for free. I actually pray that we are all faithful by seeking God and his righteousness rather than our pocket, in Jesus name.

  2. I think ancedram, and other national (if there's) international Christian movie association should be able to produce standard cinema movie for free.

    This include why most Christian movies are not professionally produced because of the minut funds available at our disposal for producing a free Christian movie.

    But when will we deal with our issue of quality productions, this go a long way determining the admisibility rate to our audience.

    Technology improves day by day so do people's taste for quality movie.

    If we say we should give it out free therefore we are not encouraging the young aspiring christian producers, how will they afford professional equipment charge?
    Will they hire professional crew for free?

    We do not really care anymore about the quality of Christian movies but the message. It's cool, but audience who has great taste for quality movies are left behind. Therefore we limit our reach to those who want the quality we produce.

    I'm putting this up to the reader, ANCEDRAM, all Christian movie makers in Nigeria, e.t.c

    *Let us have a platform for Christian movie marketing

    *Get it registered under government (our CAN pastors & PFN should be of help, besides we have Christians in power too)

    *Let us have a Christian Censored Board Organisation that watches all Christian movie to be marketed.

    *Let our producers, directors & other crews study good movie production process as we study Bible for brilliant dual delivery (it's not compulsory we attend film school, we can still grab stuffs on YouTube, and by watching great movies)

    *Let our crew & artist stop been fanatic but a supporter of good movie

    *Let us encourage wealthy Christians to invest in Christian movie production. (Imagine if some of our wealthy Prophet buys professional movie equipment for rent at subsidise amount)

    These and lots more are my opinion for great Christian movie making.

    Further opinion, suggestions and questions are welcome.



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