What Deborah Animasawun told me secretly before she died- KSO


By Oluwafemi Dosu

The well known film maker, Evangelist Kolade Segun-Okeowo has revealed to the general public what late Deborah Animasawun told him and his wife, Sunmbo Segun-Okeowo before she died.

In the write up he titled “Your Vision is Your life” narrated how joyful late Deborah Animasawun was during her last film location. Excerpt:


I had the rare priviledge of co producing and directing the last production of The Late veteran Drama Minister, Revrd Mrs Deborah Animashaun.

During one of our visits to her in the hospital while she battled with a medical challenge, she had whispered to me and my wife that she loves to go on locations for the shoot of a film once more.

She added those words that keep reverberating through my memory even as I write now “If God will permit me, let me shoot another film if only once before I die” 
We tried discouraging her from saying such things, but she insisted saying “I know I may not stay here for long…Just get ready to direct  this movie for me…It may be sooner than we expect”
I am grateful to God that, he permitted and granted grace for us to shoot the film in July 2018 while she was still alive. The film had gone through post production and she had watched the preview copy. 
She had also sent a few corrections on the film. Just as the corrections were going on the studio….she passed on.

While on the locations as we shot the film, Mama was on very much active. Her countenance changed and was a complete departure from the sickly woman on the hospital bed a few days earlier.

She was everywhere and so happy…a sense of fulfillment was visible all around her as we shot the movie. Although she was still sick, she ignored the pains as the joy of doing God’s work had completely enveloped her.

I learnt a GREAT lesson…your vision is your life !!! You derive joy and pleasure not from possessions and titles but in being who God has called you to be.

Mama Animasahun discovered her passion, lived and died for it. I recall all our discussions prior to the shooting of that film and her passion for the vision. 
I am glad that I have discovered my vision…discover yours !!!!

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