It’s supposed to be easy.

To trust in your God.

And rest on His promises.


How difficult can that be?


Is it not just to relax and rest?

Who doesn’t want to rest?


But when you are faced with trouble.


Serious trouble.

Real life challenges.

Fear of imminent Shame.

And tangible Disappointment.

Doubt comes.

Fear sets in.


Faith can be daunting.


But then,in this kingdom.

Faith is the currency.


To survive

To purchase.


…for the just shall live by Faith.

…by it ,the elders obtained.


So,if faith is the currency.

What if you are broke?

What if you are bankrupt?

What if you are low on that commodity?


How then do you purchase?

How then do you obtain?


Well, you have to ask God for a loan.


Lord I believe.

But ,please, help my unbelief.


Now faith.

The substance of things hoped for.

The evidence of things not seen.


It is easier to be sad than to be happy.

More convenient to see the bad than the good.

Takes more effort to be positive.

Than it takes to be negative.


Things hoped for.

Things not seen.


By it ,the elders obtained.


Lord,I need a loan.


Help my unbelief.

Give me purchasing power.






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