Magic TV show is dangerous to your home- John Oguntuase


Magic TV shows are really fascinating to watch this days they could be more interesting than movie most times because of the reality involved. As a matter of fact magic has moved to another level.

Magic shows like:CARBONARO EFFECT ,TROY ,SPIRIT HOLLYWOOD MEDIUM, DECEPTION, MAD HOUSE, so many CARTOONS etc are currently enjoying a very massive patronage especially by children. No abracadabra or much of hand and leg movements need to be done ,they just do whatever they need done in a matter of minutes, they can walk on water, fly in the air, give life to inanimate objects, tell the past or future correctly, control mind & brain, duplicate themselves ,disappear they can even do things you can never imagined in your weirdest dream.

Watching a magic show on TV or online can be captivating i use to enjoy it too ,until the Holly spirit began to call my attention to observe keenly and unfortunately nothing speak against it online then I know the Devil is up to something.

Few days ago I saw my two cousins watching one of the shows (TROY) I decided to interview them,they both told me in their different ways from their innocent mind that they love the act of magic and they feel like becoming one of the magician so they can do all things with ease,things like their home work ,pass exam, make money , punishing an offender etc they further shocked me when they said if one has such powers they don’t really need to pray to God for anything (sigh) have you now seen that there is fire on the mountain?

So may children has hurt themselves trying to imitated the magic trick they have seen on TV. There is person whom i know personally who was so fascinated by the display of magic to the extend that he went on further research online and almost got initiated to a a magic society online ,he had filled all forms, he was just a click away before God rescued him.

I have beard a first hand confession of a person who fell deeply in love and had great desire for all this magic related trends and so much more that he got initiated in his dream. Have you now seen the trick they are playing on our mind? They are demystifying God and his power making men loose faith in God, seek alternative to hard work ,create believe in black power in especially children.

The next time you feel you and your family are enjoying a magic related show you need to think again danger is around the corner seek edifying content to watch.

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