INTERVIEW: Broken is a must watch movie this Christmas- Idowu Oluwaferanmi


The popular gospel actress, Idowu Oluwaferanmi has added her voice to the recommendations of the movie, Broken. She disclosed in an exclusive interview with Gospel Film News that Broken is a movie to be watched this Christmas season and what her role in the movie entails. Broken movie will be in Nigeria cinemas this months and the actress bodly recommends that Nigerians go see the movie in cinema. Excerpt:
What can you say about the movie, broken?
The movie BROKEN is breaking the fallow soil because the producer has decided that the film will be in cinema even before we started the shooting and you know that is strange in Christian film production. So, the amazement of the film started from location, talk of the equipments, post production, talk about the uniqueness of the film, etc.
What role did you play?
By the grace of God, I played the role of  ” IYA ABIYE”
When you were told you were going to play that role, what came into your mind?
When I read the script, and I got to know the role I was about to play. I had to ask who are my family members? I mean, my son, his wife, his sister, his child and his mother in-law. After that, there was nothing to fear as far as God is on our side.
When you go through the SCript what dropped in your mind about the movie?
It is a Salvation message, a message for people in the world. Many times we produce movie for church than the world so, this makes it a bit difficult to get messages for people in the world but BROKEN is a Salvation message. The target of the producer of the film is cinema and we need to take the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to them.
Now that the movie will be in Nigeria cinema soon, how do you feel?
The movie came to Nigeria for premiere and to the glory of God, we could see the response. Now that the film is coming to cinema, it is a privilege and I thank God for being a partaker of this great project. I am happy
Can you recomend the movie for people to watch?
BROKEN is a must watch movie this Christmas because of many reasons:
(i) it is a message of hope for the hopeless, telling them that they can still pick the pieces of their lives and bring out something beautiful.
(ii) it has to do with agony of motherhood.
(iii) there are some domestic issues we shy away from but they are part of us. The movie BROKEN settles them. By the grace of God, I am not over-emphasising. BROKEN is recommendable
What do you have to tell the general public, especially lovers of gospel films about the movie, Broken?
What I can tell the general public about the movie, BROKEN is that they must not miss it this Christmas because we don’t know when the door of this opportunity will be opened again. Instead of lusting around during the festive period, do the work of the MASTER by paying for your friends, family members, colleague at work. Pay for their tickets to watch this movie. It is a means of evangelism.
In addition, as one of our adage : bi oke ko ba lo ba Mohammed, Mohammed ni yoo lo ba oke’. There are some set of people that will not come to church but they are in the Cinemas we can also reach out to them through our God given message. For those that have that vision, it is a land that Anakims are living, but we can possess it. Let us go over and possess the land because the land is ours. God bless you.

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