INTERVIEW: Don’t Compare Yourself With Nollywood, Soon They Will Look Upto Us, G-bay Tells Upcoming Gospel Filmmakers


I’m recent time, there has been a debate on the social media space on Nollywood movies being compared with Gospel Films. This debate has generated lots of comments, reactions from Netizens and filmmakers. In this exclusive interview with Gospel Film News, an upcoming filmmaker, Gabriel Ayodele popularly known as G-bay has waded into the matter to air his view. He cautioned Gospel Filmmakers to stop the comparism and also have his view on some filmmakers calling themselves as Faith-Based filmmakers while some choose Christian filmmakers. Excerpt:

Can you tell us how your ministry started?

The ministry started after I finished my 2 years film programme ( performing and media art) at Pefti Film Institute, Lagos state in the year 2010. Though I have been acting at age 9 and I received award of being the best actor in children department at Nassarara Baptist church, plateau state Jos.

How has been the journey so far what are the obstacles you encountered and how did you overcome?

Being a drama minister and a gospel filmmaker is not easy. There are restrictions in behavior, writing, acting and producing. I was trained to be a secular filmmaker and I have been at most of Nollywood set but God called me into his acting kingdom. Producing films is not easy in aspect of financing but God has been helping us. He surrounds me with gift of men.

What can you say is the missing link between filmmakers who started in those early days and new generation filmmakers?

The only missing link between the two is prayer and technicality. The new generation filmmakers are strive with technicality and some pray less. They want to be seen on time . They want the filmmakers of those days to see what is in vogue but you see , we need ourselves. Both the old filmmakers and new should know that prayer is paramount and technicality too can’t be eradicated.

Recently Evangelist Mike Bamiloye made a statement that he is not a Faith-Base filmmaker but a Christian filmmaker what is your take on this assertion?


Well, Daddy mike Bamiloye is our father. Many of us look at him as a good example in drama ministry today. If daddy said he is a Christian filmmaker there is nothing wrong in that. We are Christians and we should see ourselves as a Christ like.


What is your advice to upcoming gospel filmmakers?

Upcoming gospel filmmakers should not be comparing themselves with Nollywood. We are different and we can’t be like them but with time they will be using our way of doing things. We should be submissive and learn how to be humble, prayerful and learn to learn and learn to move the gospel film industry higher.

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