INTERVIEW: Why I went deep into Drama ministry- Samuel Adesunloye


Samuel Adesunloye is an actor of many years standing even before he started a Drama Ministry. He has featured in a number of children drama in church and few places. Aside being an actor,  Samuel is a professional H.R person and an associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Managers. He is a lover of drama. 

In this interview with Gospel Film News, the gospel actor explains why he went deep into Drama Ministry among others. Excerpt :

Can we meet you?
My Name is Adesunloye Samuel Adedotun i hail from Ondo state. I have a passion to spread the message of Christ’s love and movie is the tool.
Could you please lead us to your academic background?
Had my first degree in Business Administration from Bowen University Iwo, Osun state. I attended the prestigious Mayflower school Ikenne and still on my MBA programme from A.A.UA.
Your professional background?
It has been centered around Advertising, Marketing and Human Resource. I’m a professional H.R Person, an associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Managers and i would say all these have aided God’s work.
What led you into drama and when did you start your drama ministry?
Hmmn… i have always acted. Errm, from as long as i can remember i featured in a number of children drama in church but drama for me really started when i gave my life to Chirst in my 100L. I used to be a very good pretender so when i yielded, i would say God took my pretence and turned it into acting. I joined the drama unit (D.B.B.S.F) of the university fellowship and since then God has not stopped His work.
Well… i got the calling into drama ministry around 2014 but i just didn’t know how to go about it. Some drama ministers and i started a movement then “Evangelical Invasion of Iseyin through drama” and many souls were impacted. So in May, 2016 i attended Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama and my eyes and mind were open to a whole lot of things. Through God’s help i started a drama unit in the church i attended and we started from getting to minister during special programs to ministering every month and to every two weeks. God be praised!
January this year, He showed me it was time we went to a larger screen and He said i was going to be a Light. After lot of prayers and consultations. We started “Light Media Productions” because of His word. That was November 2018.
What other thing do you do apart from drama?
One of my hobbies is writing. I write poems and other fictional stories. I read a lot, also and a little bit counselling.
What projects have your ministry worked on and what are you working on presently?
For now, we are focusing on short films and we have shot two short films, “Ugliest and Genuine” which is set to be released January 2019. After that, we are working on lot of messages and when production commences we will do well to contact you.
What is your take on the kind of gospel films this days?
I honestly think it’s going in the right direction. It used to be just known for Message but you can see top professionalism and craft from recent movies.  This is where God is taking us to.
We are now getting gospel movies into cinema when some A-list secular artist are having problems with that. God is surely opening doors for us.
What Is the film,  Genuine and Ugliset all about?
They are Light Media’s first project and the messages were borne out of the enlightenment of God’s “Genuine” love for us (man) that even in our “Ugliest” state, he loved and chose us. Genuine talks about God’s true love for man while Ugliest x-rays how filthy a man’s life is without God. It’s a movie that can be used for both evangelical and spirit re-awakening purposes.
What strategy are you adoption to make the movies accessible to people?
This project is purely evangelical so it would be acessible at no particular cost. Once it is out it would be available on as many social media platforms as possible. From YouTube to Facebook. We are also working on having WhatsApp version of the movie. The charge is to spread God’s word to the uttermost part of the earth.
What particular date in January 2019 will it be out?
I don’t want to give a particular date now but the movie is ready and just waiting for divine direction on the particular date to release the work. The trailers are out already and the posters are already in circulation.
Thank you very much for having me.

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