No one should come to a point in life where he thinks he can never misbehave- Shola Mike Agboola


By Oluwafemi Dosu

ACE filmmaker, Shola Mike Agboola has warned that no one should come to a point in life where he thinks he can never misbehave.

Agboola made this statement while addressing gospel film makers in Lagos recently.

Gospel Film News correspondent reports that the film maker was speaking on the topic, ‘The Demands or Cautions of a Godly Approved Minister’ using David in the bible as a case study, saying David mastered his enemies but didn’t master himself.

“The Christian journey is a not just a race but a marathon. You can master all but when you don’t master yourself, you have mastered nothing. Seeing a woman that is not well dressed is no problem, the problem starts when you decide to look. When the devil wants a man to lose his destiny, he makes him loose his sense of reasoning,” he stressed.

Agboola who also cited the case of Uriah and David stated that Uriah was very drunk yet not intoxicated. He buttressed his point his point with 2sam 11 and 12.

“What are you drunk with? Power or position! What you planted is a matter of time; it will grow whether good or bad. I will not join the band wagon that says evil concerning men of God,” he affirmed.

Agboola who disclosed that it is good to finish well stated that: “There are three types of finishing: It is finished, I have finished my cause, and I am finished (bad finishing). There are also three types of forces one can use to finish well: force of determination, force of focus and force of discipline.”

Gospel Film News gathered that the veteran added that when a person stands for righteousness, the result is such will always be better, saying it is not every offer you can accept as an offering because it may not be from God.

He concluded that as a minister of God, you must know what you want in ministry, adding that the spirit of a man is greater than his anointing, calling on believers to tear their garment of pride, gossip, hypocrisy, e.t.c.

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