The Train: when something is born of the spirit it overcomes the world- Pastor Osunmakinde


By Oluwafemi Dosu

A cleric, Pastor Osunmakinde Morin has stated that anything born of the spirit overcomes the world.

This is coming after Morin Osunmakinde and her family watched a biography film of Evang. Mike Bamiloye titled “The Train.” The movie portrays the faith-life journey of Mike Bamiloye the famous Producer and Director of Mount Zion Films.

She also counselled parents to strenghten the faith of their children by letting them know how God helped them (parents) in their life journey. According to her, parents never knew what undeniable mark it might make on children.

The cleric noted that her daughters watched the movie “The train ” by the Bamiloyes, saying they were so glued to it till they finished and wondered what was soo enticing about it to them considering it wasn’t their modern day, 21st century ‘kinda’ of movie like Series of unfortunate events or stranger things or Anne with an E or umbrella Academy as it was a movie depicting the 70s, most of the building used were old buildings and houses with brown roofs, no modern digital technology or use of plenty big grammars.

“But when something is born of the spirit it overcomes the world!!! When my husband I watched it, for the first time ever he was very emotional at the end. Maybe because it resonated with him in a way.

“Well, Tolulope finished watching and in her usual way of making a point she says “mummy I want to tell you something”. Giving her my attention after soo much “mummy answer me now”. She said ” I think they should do a movie of you and daddy,” she narrated.

Morin continued: “I was a bit shocked and in a way surprised. Because for a split second It became clear that they actually listened when we told our stories, either in church during a message, or whenever we gisted with them. My children are very familiar with ‘our story’, might not be all that great enough for a block buster movie but I am content that they (My first converts and priority) knew and acknowledge our story. It resonated with them when they watched the movie and it sort of gave life to something they had heard in a similar way.

“Moral of my plenty talk: Carry your children along. Let them in on your journey. Strengthen their faith by letting them know how God helped you. You never know what undeniable mark it will make on them. Thank you to the Bamiloyes for sharing with the world (especially now) that God remains faithful to His word!”

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