THE RECONCILIATION (Part 1) by Rhoda ‘Keji Onaderu


 By Rhoda ‘Keji Onaderu
Sade looked at the lady standing at the door, the face looked familiar, she seemed to know the younger
version of the stranger standing before her but not this elderly woman.

The woman understood her confusion and so smiled dryly, then said “Laiwowe” meaning the
extremely intelligent one. Sade was thrown into more confusion when the stranger called her by her
nickname, she realized that the woman must have known her from her childhood days because that
nickname started from her primary school days.

After a while, the stranger introduced herself to Sade, she is Tito, her best friend in secondary school.
Sade couldn’t believe her eyes as the Tito she knew cannot be compared to this woman looking terrible,
all grey and haggard, standing by her door on a drizzling morning.

By the time Tito finished narrating her story, Sade couldn’t hold back tears, she empathized with her
darling friend. The terminal disease which she was miraculously healed of, the neglect by her husband at
her lowest moment, the ruin of her business by her cousin and the death of her mother as a result of
her sickness made Sade’s heart bled. No wonder, her friend became a shadow of herself.

Sade comforted her friend, prayed with her and two days later, Tito accepted the love of the Father
through Christ Jesus into her life. Three years later, Tito had become the Head of Brand & Marketing
Strategy of a finance firm and guess who came visiting at her office on a bright sunny morning, Sola, her
former husband.

He wanted reconciliation at all cost and for the first time, Tito saw her former husband shed tears, this
was the man who sold the house they built together, divorced her seven years ago and relocated to

What on earth was he doing in the country when he had said he never wanted their paths to cross
again? Tito wondered.

To be continued
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