“Teacher Chuks” season 4, (part 1-9) by Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde


©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

I couldn’t sleep through out the night as tears of regret poured out of my eyes…

I had traumatic trances, where I saw my teenagers.

It was Ajaara I saw first, she was shaking her head in disappointment at me…

“ Uncle Chuks, I thought you were going to take me to my destination, but How can an imprisoned man help a helpless girl like me”

I saw Tunde looking up to me. I looked like a giant while He looked like a little child looking up to His father… He also had the look of disappointment in his eyes.

“ I thought I had seen a father figure in you, Uncle Chuks, but now that you are no more… Can I still fulfil this big dream you have made me start having about myself…?” Tunde also said as he shook his head in disappointment.

Dabira appeared to my left…

“ Uncle Chuks, Have you forgotten that Bible verse which states that A person far away from home is like a bird that is far from its nest… Uncle Chuks … you are far from home and I know safety is far from you… please come back home…”

I kept turning around on the bed…

It wasn’t morning yet and I was sure the children at the Light house wouldn’t have woken up…

“If only I can get out of this place….” I said to myself

I stood up shaking the gates of the prison….

“ Jesus ! Get me out of here!” I screamed, but then I silently heard…

“Hush… I am here already…” I heard Rejoice’s voice…

“ Rejoice?”

“ Keep quiet and Just do as I say!” Rejoice said as she gently opened the gate of the cell. The gate made the creaking sound, but Rejoice and I held on to it like it was our lives …

I followed after her quietly….

I noticed the large Palour where the systems were, was empty. All the boys had probably slept off.

I had a million questions to ask Rejoice, but I knew silence was my best and only choice at that point.

Rejoice had a set of keys she was using to open different doors as I followed her like a sheep .

We successfully stepped out of the house which I saw looked liked an abandoned warehouse. Bushes were all around us…

“ Do you know the direction we ought to take?” I asked in a whisper

“ That’s the road path….” Rejoice whispered back

I hastened in my walk as Rejoice was the one trying to catch up with me.
I didn’t know where the road was going to lead to, but I knew I had to get to Lighthouse back to my teenagers. As I kept running, all I was saying was

“ God have Mercy on me, please just get me out of this bush… Please.”

I didn’t slow down one bit… I noticed I had left Rejoice far behind. I decided to slow down my pace…

“ Where will you return to after we get to the main road!” I asked Rejoice as we kept walking very fast.

“ To wherever you go!” She answered sharply.

At that point I knew I needed to set the records straight…

“ Rejoice listen to me, you can’t go wherever I go, because we are not on the same page. I am now a born again Christian and you are not near that. I know what I did to you as a secondary school student was terrible and I apologize. I pray you genuinely meet with God on your own, because having you around me is pulling me back to my vomit.” I said but I noticed Rejoice looked at me like I was speaking Spanish…

“ I don’t have any other person again. My parents have disowned me, This beast I got married to only uses me for the scamming business. Anytime I breastfeed the baby doll, as a ritual for hypnotizing his victims, I feel like life is been drained out of me…. I also want to be free… I feel like death is really close to me… Uncle Chuks… please help me…” Rejoice said with tears in her eyes…

“ I can’t….I am sorr….” I was still talking when I heard a distance sound…

“ Vroom…vroom”

“What’s that sound?” I said asking Rejoice…

“ Oh my God…. My husband’s power bikes… They must have realized we have left…”

“ Jesus! Please I am sorry for disappointing you, just take me out of here … please Lord…” I cried out…

“ We need to get off the main road and lay low in the bushes” Rejoice suggested as she pulled me off the road.

I did not want to lay low In the bushes, I wanted God to help me disappear like Philip in the Bible, but that was not happening…

The sound of the Power Bikes were getting louder. My heartbeat kept getting louder and faster…

Finally, the power bikes were few meters from where we were hiding. I laid my head on the wet grass praying to God to show me His Kindness.

Thankfully, they passed us and I heaved a sigh of great relief, only for my relief to be short lived…

The Power bikes halted suddenly….

“ I smell Rejoices’ body “ said one of the boys….

I peed on my pant. Rejoice had brought me bad luck. If she was not beside me, they would have driven off…

I wondered how a random guy would have known the smell of her body. Not even her so called Husband had smelt her but one of the boys…

“ Oh God! How did he know the smell of your body?” I whispered in anger…

“ Everyone does…I sleep with all of them” Rejoice said non challantly…

I didn’t get that… Rejoice was sleeping with all her husband’s workers… Did her husband know about it or not?

“ You sleep with all of them?” I whispered in disbelief…

“ Can you save this for later, Mr Chuks… Boma, the guy who just smelt my body is a very good listener… His ears, eyes and nose are really sharp, He is nicknamed “dog”… He can hear any little sound…I had hypnotized him before we got out, but now that he is fully awake, you better keep quiet…” Rejoice whispered in a rush

“ Dog, You are right, I smell her too…” Her Husband said from afar….

“ Search this whole place and bring them to me alive…” He said with wicked intentions evident in His voice…

To be continued

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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

The boy, Boma was really behaving like a dog, he was sniffing all around and his sniffing was drawing him closer to us…

“ He is coming close” I said in fear…

“ Sh…sh” Rejoice told me…” I am trying to concentrate”

“ Concentrate on what?”

“ Astra projection”

“ What? You do that too”

“ I do everything evil now., that’s the new rejoice“

“ So what are you doing now?”

“ Through Sex, I have access to all their souls, that’s why they always need me in their scam… so can you keep quiet Mr Chuks and let me concentrate…” She said eyeing me

I looked at her as she closed her eyes firmly and quietly moving her lips…

“ Boma Tochukwu, I take control of your soul right now… I stand beside right now… Yes, I block your nostrils from smelling my body… I block your ears from hearing my voice…” Rejoice was saying as her eyes were firmly shut and like a robot, I saw the boy she referred to as Boma making a turn towards another direction.

“ I don’t think she is around here any more. It’s seems she only passed through here…” Boma said to the boss.

“ Ok, let’s get going, we must catch up with them before they get to the main road.” Rejoice’s Husband said

Rejoice’s Husband and his crew drove off on their power bike. I still stay still on the ground, till I could no longer hear any sound from their bikes…

“ We need to take another direction” Rejoice said…

I followed her like a puppet…

We had walked for about 45 minutes and we didn’t see the main road…

“ Your astral projection is not coming handy at a time Like this, we have been walking for God knows how long?” I mocked in anger out of my frustration

“ I am sorry , we will get out of here I promise..” Rejoice said

“ It’s ok, I am sorry for shouting at you, I really just want to get out of here and go back to the Lighthouse.”

“ You will”

As we journeyed through the bush, I kept thinking about what Rejoice had done to the Boma Boy.

In all my time with the SPERM COLLECTION AGENCY, I didn’t learn about the projection thing, but I knew Chinaza used it. I decided to while away time by questioning Rejoice…

“ Rejoice, How were you able to control that young boy from that far distance”

“I projected my self close to him,because I had something that belongs to him in me…” She said nonchalantly

“ What?” I asked

“ His saliva…” She replied sharply

“ I don’t get…”

“ Uncle Chuks, there are demonic procedures that evil people like us use on our victims. One of it is we projecting ourselves to people’s rooms, people’s dreams, people’s mind and we are able to control them to do our bidding. With the scamming business we do, I can project myself to people’s room and tell them to do business with my husband….However, there must be a material or object that will serve as a link or point of contact to that person… “

“ Ok?”

“ You still don’t get it Uncle Chuks?”

“ I am still trying to wrap my head around it”

“ You see if I want to project myself into a guy’s mind and I want him to be thinking about me, all I need to do is get his picture and say some incantations into it, and I do a soul Travel to wherever he is, my thoughts will fill his heart… A lot of Young girls do it…”

“ Really?”

“ Yes, I did it to my youth pastor in my parent’s church. I made sure he kept seeing me in his dream and making love to me, so the day I went to seduce him, it was easy cheesy… That was what made my parents disown me, because the CCTV captured the whole incident. I had captured his mind so much that he didn’t remember he had a CCTV in his office.”

“ So what was your gain in pulling down the man of God?”

“ It was just me having fun… So Uncle Chuks, Boma has kissed me on several occasions, which invariably means I have his saliva in me. I just had to locate his saliva in me and use it to contact his soul…” Rejoice said laughing like what she was saying was fun…

Was it possible she also controlled me into following her, because of my saliva in her..? I asked myself as we journeyed on…

“ I didn’t use it on you,Uncle Chuks , you followed me on your own.” Rejoice said as if she was listening to my heart

“ Or should I use it on you, so you understand how it works?” Rejoice said as she looked like a child who was about to play her favorite game..,

“ No!…. “ I said in a rush and she replied by giggling…

After that, we maintained silence as I tried to reflect on all she had said…

“ It was possible for evil minded people to stay at different location and project themselves or evil into the lives of another person far away as long as they had something belonging to that victim in their custody” I reasoned

I started seeing pictures of the African home videos I had watched of Witchdoctors laying curses on a person’s pictures who was far away in another country and surprisingly such curses would always manifest itself in the lives of the victims…

I remember watching foreign movies that had scenes similar to this…

“ Oh Lord, anyone who is astral projecting to gain access into my life in order to control me or cause havoc in my life, Oh God arise and let them get lost in the Spirit realm never to find their ways back to their bodies in Jesus name…” I prayed silently in my heart…

“ Uncle Chuks do you know as interesting as this Astral Travelling Maybe, I wish I could stop it!”

“ Why?… I mean it makes you feel like a super woman!” I said hoping to use that as a bait to get more information from her…

“ Astral Projection is highly demonic and risky… You start it having fun, but as you get deeper, you begin to encounter spirits and demons in the Spirit realm…I remember one day I was Astral projecting, I saw a legion of demons rushing towards a place, when they saw me, one of them rushed at me, I started flying back to my house, but you would not believe my body was no longer where I had left it. Unknowing to me, My mother had carried my body to the church, as she had tried to wake me up and I was not responding. The demon kept chasing me, obviously he wanted to possess me, and the only safe place I could think of, was my mother’s church.

I flew there, with the demon chasing hotly after me, the moment I got to the church I was so happy to see my body lying helplessly there…

As I was launching with full force to enter into the church, I noticed I couldn’t enter the church, it was then I looked well, and saw a Gold plate . I traced the direction of the Gold plate and saw that it was the Long sword of an angel … The Angel was so big …

“ Let her go in… because of the prayer of her mother and Isaiah.” Another Angel said…

The fierce looking angel removed the Gold sword and I drifted into my body. I looked back and noticed the Angel did not permit the demon to enter into the church…

Uncle Chuks, after I jumped out from that projection, I swore never to do it again, but meeting Jay made me go back to it…”

“ Wow!… meaning you could have died or be trapped in the Spirit realm if you didn’t see your body”

“ Yes… and that has been my greatest fear, that someday if Jay wants to discard me, he might move my body away from where it is and I will be lost in that realm…”

“ So why don’t you leave Jay and stop this wayward life?”

“ I want to, but we have a covenant binding us together..,”

To be continued

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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

“ You think covenants are for babies” Rejoice’s Husband said as we unknowingly walked into their midst.

We must have walked aimlessly for over 2 hours in the forest as Rejoice kept lamenting that it was the main road she was familiar with.

Little did we know we were going to walk into her Husband and his boys…

“ All the astra projection was just a total waste, they eventually caught up with us… it would have been better if they had caught us earlier rather than wasting two hours trekking in this forest” I said angrily at Rejoice as I suddenly felt the need to have water… I was very thirsty…

“ Rejoice, you can never leave me…, we have a soul tie. Even if I die, my Spirit will follow you every where you go. Get them” Jay said as one of them pulled me. I felt the prick in my neck again…. I had been sedated…


“ You can not kill him, if you do I will kill myself… And this is not a threat… I have nothing to lose if I kill myself, you are the one who has everything to lose. You are the one who will have to look for another girl who has to agree to become your human idol and guess what? We don’t have a lot of them out there… So if you still want to keep your business running let Mr Chuks be.” I heard Rejoice saying to her Husband as I was waking up from sleep…

“ Fine, but he will have to work for me… He must join the boys…” Jay said…

“ Forget it, Mr Chuks will never do it, if it was the old Him I knew, he would have done it, but the new Mr Chuks won’t do it. He is now a born again Christian!” Rejoice said

“ Fine, then I will treat him like Sammy…” Jay had said…

From where I laid on the floor pretending to be asleep, I opened my left eye gently to know the reason Rejoice was suddenly silent. I noticed she stared hard at her husband and after a long thought , she said

“ Fine….”

From where I laid on the floor, I knew whatever they were referring to was definitely “ Not Fine”.

“ Take him to Sammy”….

I felt the hands of two men as they carried me from the ground. I opened my eyes occasionally to know where they were taking me to, I noticed we got out of the main building through the back and they started dragging me towards an unknown place…

I suddenly saw a small cemented building with the size not as big as a room. One of the men opened the room, and together they pushed me in. I knew my body hit something, but I didn’t know what it was until I heard a croaky male voice say…

“ What is that.. what are you throwing at me?” The voice said

I jumped back in fear as I opened my eyes for real and I saw a frail looking boy, not more than 17 years old. He was a disgusting sight to behold, His skin looked like scales that were peeling off…. He looked white like a bowl of flour had been poured on him… I moved back in horror but unfortunately for me there wasn’t anywhere to move to in the room…

“ Who is he and what is he doing here?” The boy asked

“ Your father felt you needed extra company. “ One of the men said mockingly …

“ Your Father!” I reasoned .. Who was his father? Could Jay be the father of this boy and if he was , why did he keep his son in a small dark room…

Did I say dark…

“Gbaa” I heard the sound of the door the moment it was shut. I had never seen what was called Pitch darkness prior to that day, but I saw it for the first time. I could grab the darkness with my hand . The only source of light were two small holes that had been created above for cross ventilation…

“Who are you and what do you want?, Did my father send you to kill me?” The boy said and the stench from his mouth was worse that an abandoned public toilet…

“ No… I was kidnapped “

“ Oh!… then I will be saying goodbye to you soon”

“ What does that mean?” I asked in fear…

“ I am the only one who has entered this room and has not been killed”

“ Why… I mean why does he kill the others?”

“ Rituals for his scamming business of course!”

“ Are you telling me you are been kept here by your father for Rituals?”

“ When a child decides to escape from the imminent danger he sees ahead, he becomes his father’s number one enemy…” He said

“ What does that mean?”

“ I didn’t support my father’s ways as I saw it coming… I told him God was going to fight him for the way he was causing many to shed tears, but my mother and siblings felt I was too religious. They told me… Life is made up of preys and predators. It is either you are the prey or you are preying on people. My family didn’t see any wrong in scamming people of their hard earned money. My sister Sandra, would tell me even the government was preying on it’s citizens, so to her, what our family was doing was not wrong… but I didn’t want to be involved….”

“ So you mean your mother and siblings are into this?… but I didn’t see anyone like them out there…”

“ Them?… they are long gone…” He gave a dry laughter…

“ To where?”

“ It’s a long story…”

To be continued

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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

“We had life very rough growing up, I remember eating biscuit was a luxury which only happened if anyone of us came out outstanding in our grades in the public schools we attended.

This time, I was referring to was when I was about 6 years of age. My father was into repairing of electronics, especially Television and Radios. That was the time of the big colored Television. Father’s business had been going down with the imports of the Flat screen Televisions. His work as a repairer was gradually phasing out and at times for weeks there won’t be one single T.V or Radio to repair.

Then, my rich estranged uncle visited us. He threw his weight around during his visit. He spent lavishly and made us happy for the few days he spent with us.

Few days before he left us, I noticed he and my parents had a very long talk that lasted hours. He looked like he was trying to talk them into accepting an idea.

The next morning , my siblings and I woke up to the shock of hearing that my father was leaving with my uncle. The explanation given was that Uncle was going to get him a better job and once he was stable, we would join Him where he was…

Days turned into months, months turned into years. We never saw father for 6 years, but as each month and year passed, our existence was getting better. Father was sending us money on a regular basis. We were living large…

When friends asked us about our father, we told them he was a business man who was working faraway.

A friend of mine had joked about if my father was a fugitive, since no one knew his whereabouts and yet he was sending us lots of money. I returned back home in tears asking my mother why we had not seen our father for years….

“ Mummy, is daddy a thief?” I had asked innocently

Mummy and Daddy spoke literally everyday, but that day, after crying profusely and questioning my father’s whereabouts, my mother apparently pleaded with him to come back home…

The day my father came back, the kind of welcome he received would have rivaled any presidential arrival in those days.

That was the beginning of our family woes. After the excitement of having him back fizzled away, my dad decided to have a family talk with us. The talk that shook me to my marrows…

“ I am so happy that I met you all in peace and I am grateful especially to you, Gozzy for taking care of the children in my absence. You didn’t make my years of hard work be in vain. Having stayed with you all for a week, I suddenly realize how much of family time I have missed in years. With your mother’s permission I have decided to bring my job home. I will therefore need your cooperation and promise of secrecy that you will keep my business secret. Sammy is the youngest and may not understand what all this is about but you elder ones will understand what I do. Very simply put, I use my brain to make money…”

At that time, my eldest sister was 19, while the eldest boy was 17, the third child was 15, while I was 12.

My father thought I did not understand what he meant but somehow I figured out what it was about, because he was able to indoctrinate my siblings into the business. He taught my siblings how to change their voices and deceive people over the phone…

Trouble however started for me, when I became born again at age 15 through one of the teenage teachers in the church we attended. I explained to my teacher the business my father was into and I asked if I could still be involved in it as a Christian, since we were told to obey our parents.

He told me about the story of Korah, Dathan and Abiram, the men who rebelled against Moses in the Bible and how God destroyed them and their families. He however pointed to me that most people do not realize that out of the three men, the sons of one of them who was called Korah did not die with the others.

The earth did not swallow the sons of Korah because they disowned their father’s act, and separated themselves from his tent and company. My teacher showed this to me from the scripture and a particular Benson commentary.” Sammy had been saying to me and I was shocked because no one had ever taught me that the sons of Korah were not swallowed up by the earth…

“ Really?, I thought the earth swallowed the men and their family members”

“ Numbers 26:11 became my anchor scripture after that. I told myself that if I did not follow my father’s ways what ever destruction that was coming for my father and the other members of my family would not come near me…”

“ Hmmm… So that is why your father kept you here?”

“ Yes, But That was after my family felt fire !”

“ Fire?”

“ Well that was what I feel happened because when I turned 14 I had a dream and I saw my brother being strangulated by a dog my father was playing with in the dream. The next morning my brother died… Under one year, my mother and my two siblings died as well.”

All fingers pointed at my father…

To be continued

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Written by Opeyemi O. Akintunde

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Our family story was the trending story in the vicinity as my father was under the accusing eyes of everyone.

My mother’s relatives came around asking questions about the sudden death of my mother and three of her children. My father kept crying day and night. He swore he didn’t have a hand in the death of his immediate family. He told my mother’s family that he was ready to go to any Shrine and swear to show his innocence in the matter.

I knew my father did not do anything diabolical, but he was suffering the punishment of causing people tears.

One night at about 2am, my father woke me up and instructed me to follow him. A taxi was waiting for us. My father and I relocated to another state that night.

I thought the serial deaths in our family would make my father stop defrauding people but defrauding people had become more of a habit than a thing he was doing for survival. He started recruiting young boys in the vicinity and they were getting deep in the scamming business.

My Father tried forcing me into the business but I held my ground . He however made it clear that he was not going to let me be… I threatened him that I was going to run away and expose him to the police but that was my undoing.

That night, while sleeping I felt strong arms carrying me from sleep. I tried to fight them but they were stronger than I was. I was bundled into a car and the rest they say is history. I found myself here, by my count I have been here for 465 days… I try to count every day…”

“ You mean you have been here for over a year…”

“ Yes… using days makes me feel better…” He said and my eyes dropped tears . I could not believe a father would do this to his own son because of the evil he was trapped in…

“ But really? Though I am a Christian… a growing one… I am tempted to ask ? Isn’t God aware that you are here…and Why is He not planning to bring you out?” My heart was heavy as I still had the image of how the young boy looked like when the door was opened…

“ God was with Daniel in the Lion’s Den… I have realized that God may not stop people from throwing us into the Den, but He definitely Can stop the Lions from eating. Joseph was also thrown in Prison but he eventually got out… He didn’t die there!” Sammy said to me but I don’t know if it was the devil that spoke through me or my inner fear but I said in response

“ But John the Baptist died in prison!” I said

“ I don’t dwell on negative examples , I draw strength from positive examples… “ Sammy said sharply….

“ You know my name is Samson , but I have told God I will never die with enemies of God… I believe I am getting out of here very soon…” he said with a dry laughter.

I kept quiet as I saw a strong teenager I would love to tell his story to my teenagers at the Lighthouse if I had the opportunity to return there…

“ So What’s your story?” I heard him say to me…

“ My story…”

I eventually told him all about me, and there were points where he shed tears , points where he screamed , points where he laughed , points where he told me he would love to meet the teenagers…In all I was excited when he worshipped God for saving my soul…

“ You see Mr Chuks, we can be thrown into a pit or a prison, but God always has a way of bringing us out….”

My stomach started churning, I had not drank water or eaten in hours…

“ I only eat once a day, and that comes in the evening…” Sammy had obviously heard my stomach rumbling

My mind drifted to how I got there… I knew I fell into that pit by my own carelessness. On the other hand Sammy had been thrown in forcefully. If God was going to save anyone, Sammy was definitely worthy.

We heard someone’s footsteps approaching us…

“ The food is coming early today… Guess because You are here” Sammy said

As the footsteps got closer, I knew something was off, my heart raced as I did not know what was about to happen.

“ Is Rejoice’s Husband here to kill me?” I thought as I had realized how deadly he was….A man who could do this to his own son was capable of doing anything to anyone.

To be continued

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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

“ It’s me Rejoice…” I heard Rejoice saying in a whisper as she got close to the Dark room.

“ Rejoice… What do you want?”

“ We will be leaving here soon… I have done something drastic. Be at alert!”

“ What have you done?” I said In panic, as I wasn’t ready for another implicating plan…

I got no answer as I heard her moving fast away from us…

“ Who is that?” Sammy asked…

“ Rejoice!” I replied

“ The girl you said is my father’s wife?”

“Yes… I wonder what she is up to this time around” I said out loud

“ Let’s wait and see”. Sammy replied

After about 3 hours, the daily food was brought . It was Yam pottage and two satchet water. I literally swallowed the meal in hunger and made do with the little water.

However, I started having running stomach. I was scared if I had been poisoned but I felt a certain peace in my heart.

“ I think I need to use the rest room” I said to Sammy

“ You need to hold it in , I am only allowed to pee and poo once a day, and that is always after my meals. One of them will be here soon to pick up the plates…Once he is here, he will open the door for us to get out for some minutes…” Sammy said

For the next 30 minutes I struggled with the greatest pain I had ever felt in my life.

Eventually, one of the men came and the moment he opened I rushed out and I almost pooped on my body.

After relieving myself, I returned to the dark room and laid on the floor thinking…

“Chuks, imagine how lust has led you to this place!” I said to myself…I realized what the Bible meant in Proverbs 5:5 was very real….

“Her feet go down to death; her steps take hold on hell….”

I had followed Rejoice out of the Lighthouse into the dark of the night to get roasted meat and here I was trapped in a dark room similar to the world of the dead…Lust had led me to a dark room of no escape.

We heard Sporadic gunshots… Sammy and I jumped from sleep…

“ What’s happening?” I asked Sammy hoping since he had been there for a long time, he knew what was happening

“ I don’t know!” He replied

The gunshots didn’t stop…. We heard someone rushing towards the dark room, followed by the sound of keys. The person was apparently in a rush…

“ Uncle Chuks… Let’s get out of here… the police has surrounded this place.” Rejoice said as the door opened. Rejoice stepped back at the sight of Sammy…

“ Sammy?” Rejoice asked me in shock.

“ Yeah”

“ Jay is a mad man…” Rejoiced cursed…

“ Well, we need to get out of here, Uncle Chuks…” Rejoice said to me in a rush…

“ Sammy get up , Let’s be on our way…!” I said

“ Uncle Chuks… we don’t have that time, His father will definitely come for him…, I was the one who tipped the police… I sent them info about our whereabouts, and they must be checking through the main house..”

“ I cannot leave Sammy here…” I said as I tried to lift Sammy from the ground.. I felt happy when I lifted him , because He felt so light in my hands… I immediately followed after Rejoice.

Rejoice took us through a back route. This time around, we ran as fast as our legs could carry us… Sammy’s weight was not a big deal so it made it easy to for me to catch up with Rejoice.

We must have run for 30 minutes before Rejoice decided to stop.

“ At least I know we are far from them”
Rejoice said as she fell to the ground.

I also dropped Sammy on the ground, and what I saw on his face was epic, he was smiling amidst tears….

“ We often take a lot of things for granted, I never knew a day would come and I would be so happy to see daylight, even though it’s evening… Thank you Jesus ! Thank you Jesus for the opportunity to see the brightness of the day again… Thank you…” Sammy said

Rejoice looked at him disdainfully, obviously because of the hatred she felt for his father.

“We need to continue our journey. I hope we get to a Main road as Soon as possible” Rejoice said

We kept walking, by this time Sammy told me he wanted to walk on his feet . I held his hand and together we walked…

Before we knew what was happening, the day was gradually turning to night..,

“ Are you sure we are not going further into the forest…” Sammy asked innocently

“ Same thing I am thinking “ I said in aggrement to Sammy but Rejoice eyed Sammy maliciously

“ I checked through the map on your father’s phone yesterday and I kept the route in my head. It leads to an express-road.”

“Ok… it just feels to me like we are moving farther away from civilization “

When we couldn’t Journey any more because of the darkness, we decided to rest our legs under a big tree, but Sammy suggested, we sleep under the open heavens, as snakes could be hiding in the trees. We took to his advise and Rejoice slept in between us.

As I slept off, I saw Rejoice in my dream. She took me by the hand and led me to a place. She told me to face the other side as she was hiding whatever she was doing from me.

I woke up very startled…

On waking up, I looked around and Sammy was nowhere in sight. I tapped Rejoice from sleep…

“ Rejoice!, Where is Sammy?”

Rejoice woke from sleep and looked around her…

“Sammy… Sammy?… Where is he?” she looked around too

We rose to our feet and started looking around for him… we looked around for close to an hour, all to no avail….

“ We can’t keep looking for him… I suspect he stood up and ran away from us… Sammy can’t be better than his father. This is what Jay would do… Let’s get going” Rejoice said

I didn’t want to believe Sammy just left us, but Rejoice was right… We had to continue our Journey. The thought of the trouble the teenagers in the Lighthouse would be going through gingered me to continue our journey. I was sure no wild animal had carried him. It was either he left us like Rejoice said or he lost His way maybe when he went to ease himself.


“I smell smoke”… Rejoice said as we journeyed on…

“ You are right!” I said affirmatively as I had been perceiving that smell…

“ Maybe we are close to a village or a hunter’s hut…” Rejoice said…

We walked fast hoping we had finally gotten to where we would find help, but as we got closer, what we saw was very shocking….

We saw a male figure that had been tied and a fire had been set under him!

Rejoice was about to scream, but I covered her mouth. I looked around the fireplace and I saw men and women who were dressed in black long gowns….There were children and teenagers present as well.

I wondered who the male figure was and what he had done to receive such big punishment for him to be roasted like a goat. His mouth had been covered so he obviously could not scream….

“ Where have we found ourselves…?” Rejoice managed to whisper as tears poured out of her eyes in fear….

I didn’t know where we were either, but this was definitely a terrible place….

I held Rejoice and planned to move quietly away from that place, but as we turned we saw three fearful looking faces staring at us… They also had the long black dresses on…

To be continued….

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let’s be mindful of others.

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

We had been tied to another stick and questioned about who sent us to spy on them. The man on the stick had been roasted completely beyond recognition.

“ Who sent you to spy on us?… The government?”

“ We are not spies… We lost our way…” I said

“ We were kidnapped and along the way, we escaped “ Rejoice said

The sight of the roasted man was a fearful one. I felt like throwing up…

“ Do you know why he was roasted?” The man who seem to be their chief spoke directing his question at us…

“ No….” I responded…

“ He told a lie and we cannot stand lies… so for the last time, Are you spies?”

“ No… we are not…” I replied…

A lady with very loud make up on her face walked up to Rejoice and I. She had a bowl of water in her hand which she brought in front of us… She placed the water in front of us and made some dramatic dance… Right there before us all, our journey of escaping from Jay was revealed in the water….

“ He says the truth….” the lady said…

“Thank you Jesus Christ!”I muttered and almost immediately the whole place shook.

“ Shut up, we say no such name here…” the chief said in anger as he rose up from the ground he had fallen to…

I was petrified… I knew their black garments had something to do with evil, but I never knew this sect was so evil to the extent of hating the name of Christ….

“ Loose them!” The chief said…

“ Welcome to the family” The chief said…

“ Which family?” I asked myself as I looked at the humans who looked like zombies. They all stood looking at the chief, both young and old. The only time they moved was when the earth shook…

“ Please sir, we are sorry for barging into your territory, please kindly let us go, I have a group of teenagers who will be disturbed right now. Some of them have no parents and I am their guardian, please in your kindness, let me go…”

“ No one comes here and leaves… Here are the rules….No sexual intercourse allowed in the household, except authorized for conception
No lies, No stealing, No…,”

The chief read out over 100 rules.

I was surprised at the rules. If not that, the man had banned me from calling the name of Christ, I would have thought it was a Christian setting.

Eventually, we were taken to a little hut. It was Meant for Rejoice and I.

I wondered if Rejoice and I were meant to sleep in the same room and not have sexual intercourse, but my conscience replied me.

“ Except you want to die!”

“ What kind of human beings are these?” Rejoice said as she sat on the bed…”We need to run out of here as Soon as everyone is asleep”

“ How?… these kind of people will have overnight watchmen…”

“ I will hypnotize them the way I hypnotized you and Sammy…” Rejoice said and she obviously did not realize how much she had said until she noticed the stare I gave her….

“ I am sorry, I needed to send him far away from us, because Jay could get us through his son!”

“You sent him away ? Rejoice What did you do? I asked angrily

“ I hypnotized you by making you go deep into sleep, while I controlled Sammy into walking away from us.”

“ Walking away from us?… Rejoice that is very wicked of you… You know what? it is technically over between us… I will find my way of escape from here without you…” I said as I walked away from her, stepping out of the room.

As I got out of the room, I met two men keeping watch…

“ No one is allowed to loiter around…” said one of the men…

I returned to the room in fear…. I laid on the bed that had been provided in the room with tears….

“ God! Why am I going through all these, I am sorry for what has happened, I am sorry for not sending Rejoice away the moment she came back….”

I must have slept off for few minutes, before I started feeling a hand carresing me. At first, I thought I was having a dream, but on opening my eyes, I saw Rejoice caressing me…

“ Are you mad?” I cursed in anger

“ No… I am starving… I do have sex everyday so I cannot sleep until I have a climax….”

“ You are sick and you need help, you heard the rules, No sexual immorality here….”

“ But why keep us in the same room?”

“ There are things we see with our eyes and despite being attracted to them we must learn to look the other way to preserve our lives… I really do not know who these people are, but they also know sexual immorality is a terrible thing….”

“ It is not bad to me….” Rejoice said

“ Rejoice, as much as I don’t like the people here, I am shocked at how evil people sometimes know the right things to do… I don’t know what they are into, but they know spiritual secrets… They know sexual immorality leads to death….”

“ How come I am not yet dead? I have had uncountable Sex in my short lifetime” Rejoice said nonchalantly

” Rejoice, if you don’t know any scripture in the Bible, you should remember the story about the forbidden fruit in the garden. It was right there in their faces, but God gave strict instructions for Adam and Eve not to eat it or else they die.. This is exactly what this looks or feels like, You are my forbidden fruit placed right in front of me, and since I don’t want to die untimely by roasting I must keep my sexual emotions under subjection..,Keep whatever you are feeling under subjection”

“ I can’t Uncle Chuks…Sex controls me”

“ Then are you ready to be roasted alive?”

Rejoice looked at me straight in the eye with no answers to give, it was obvious she was scared. It then made me think that if God was killing people immediately after every sexual sin, most people would have learnt how to discipline themselves….

To be continued….

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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Rejoice maintained her cool after the realization of being roasted alive hit her… We both slept in peace.

In between my sleep however, I kept thinking about where exactly we were. All night I heard some people chanting and I wondered what it was all about…

By morning, the men came knocking at the door, telling us it was time for meditation… Rejoice and I went out really confused. To our utmost surprise, everyone was naked….

I almost screamed, Rejoice was bewildered as well. We were told to do same. There was a part of me that wanted to rebel , but a part of me forced me into obeying.

Rejoice and I joined the troop as we all sat in meditation form. Surprisingly, being naked didn’t look like a big deal to them… It seem like their minds had been conditioned to seeing each other’s nakedness as no big deal.

“ We serve the sun god and we control everything under the sun” the chief said

“ Civilization is a sin and we choose to stay true to ourselves…”

Different chants followed….

After about 10 minutes of chants, everyone stood up and started leaving for their rooms. The chief called me back…

“ You!….” I froze knowing it was me…. I walked back to him

“ It’s my daughter’s season of procreation, and she has chosen you to be the father of her unborn child”

I felt like a spear had been thrown at my heart…. I wondered if this was how I was going to lose my celibacy I had kept for three months….

“ Do you have a reason why you shouldn’t copulate with my daughter?”

I nodded my head wishing I could tell him I was HIV positive, but when he asked I said the plain truth…

“ I am a Christian and my faith does not permit me to have sexual relations with a woman who is not my wife…”

“ We can arrange for a marriage”

“ I am already married to a woman and my faith does not permit me to be married to two women”

“ But you can divorce her here and marry my daughter “ The chief said thinking Rejoice was my wife

The chief was looking squarely at me, this was a case of forcing me to have sexual intercourse against my will…

“ It’s either you copulate with my daughter or die…” the chief said….“ So what is your answer?”

I stood there not saying a word, I looked at the daughter he was referring to, she shouldn’t have been more than 14 years old…. Invariably, the man was asking me to deflower his little daughter and by way of intercourse get her pregnant….

“ Prepare the fire!” The chief said to the men around him…

“ Uncle Chuks do it, save your life !” Rejoice said as she saw how the men grabbed me and some other men were setting the fire to burn me to ashes…

“ I will rather die than disappoint God again” I said with a tone of finality though I had tears dropping down my face…

“ Nothing on the surface of this earth can ever make me commit sexual immorality again. Whether willingly or unwillingly. No one can force me to commit immorality… You better kill me …” I said with a tone of finality

“ Stop!” The chief said and I felt he had a change of heart until I heard him say…

“ Triple the fire…” I heard the chief say and truthfully I saw the men adding more wood and fuel to the fireplace.

“ God is this how I will end my life? please forgive me, I know you gave me a second chance but I blew it by entertaining Rejoice back into my life, please save me Lord…” I cried aloud in my heart to the Lord

As I drew near the fire, I felt the reality of the fire… My faith weakened, fear gripped my heart… I realized dying wasn’t an easy thing to do….

I turned back to deny my faith….”Just one Sexual Sin could be forgiven” I told myself as the fear of death was too real….

To be continued….

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let’s be mindful of others.

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

I turned back from the fireplace about to deny my God, but the unexpected happened. The chief’s daughter took a spear and pierced her father by the neck….

It happened in the split of a second, and the men immediately rounded her up. The chief fell to the ground. There was instant commotion…. Rejoice rushed towards me …

“ Let’s get out of here…” Rejoice screamed out loudly at me, because I stood transfixed to the spot…

“ Mr Chuks , snap out of it, let’s get out of here” Rejoice pulled me but I was lost .

“ Seize them!” I heard a man scream…

“ Mr Chuks, Run!” Rejoice left my side and started running. I followed suit, but we didn’t run too far before we were rounded up….

The Chief’s daughter had been tied to the stick over the fireplace, A man had assumed the position of the chief. He looked quite ambitious.

“ Thank you for helping me to win a battle I had wanted to win for a long time…For what you have done, you have been pardoned… Thank you… Thank you” He said roaring in laughter…

“ Ishmiah…. this religion is evil , to think that I killed my father to stop this religion, yet you are ready to carry on with this evil… You know all these are lies… there is only one true God! “

“ Shut her up” the new chief said to the men…

“ You can Shut me up or kill me if you want… Death is a lot better than living in this God forsaken place…” the Girl screamed

The new Chief stood up and slaughtered the girl in rage….That calmed the whole atmosphere.. It was obvious he was now in charge…

“ Does Anyone Have any other thing to say”. The new chief barked out and no one obviously had anything else to say.

He looked around angrily at everyone, afterwards he stormed into his room. The watchmen walked towards Rejoice and I with the intention of doing something brutal to us, but the new chief peeped out of his room and said…

“ Treat Him well, he is the reason I am chief…”

The watchmen instead of manhandling me led Rejoice and I quietly to our room…

“ Are we ever going to leave this place?” Rejoice said pacing up and down

“ I know we will!” I said quietly as I was still beating myself up for making the attempt of turning my back against the Lord…

“ As much as I have drifted far away from God, Uncle Chuks, I think it is time to really start praying, because that new chief looks like someone who may slaughter us anyday he is not in a good mood.”

“ Prayer!” I had been so preoccupied in thinking on how to physically get out of the forest, that I didn’t think about praying…

“ Yes, prayer!” Rejoice said in fear…”Let’s pray together”.

I was in shock as I saw Rejoice kneeling in front of me joining my hands with hers.

The fear of death was pushing Rejoice to God.

“ God, I know I have not been a good girl, but please forgive me, please save me from all of this and I promise not to mess up again… I am lost God….Please Find me God and rescue me..” Rejoice said with tears flowing down her face…

I sat lost for words…

“Is it possible I had to go through this journey with Rejoice for the sake of her salvation?” I thought as the tears flowed involuntarily.

Rejoice wept all day long..

Later, that day the new chief asked to see me…


“I see that you are not a mere man, you were to be killed, instead two lives were lost because of you…. Who are you?”

I started the story of my life again….We sat for hours and he didn’t say a word, he kept looking at me strangely at intervals… I told him all I needed to tell him,hoping my story was going to make meaning in his heart….

It was really late at night before I finished my discussion with him. He looked at me and said…

“ You expect me to believe this story …I am wiser than you think… By tomorrow we will have this meeting again and I expect you to say the absolute truth…” With that he stood up and retired to his room.

I wondered what kind of heart the new chief possessed not to have been moved by my story… I retired to the room . I met Rejoice asleep.

Few hours into my sleep, I felt Rejoice tapping me….

“ Uncle Chuks…Uncle Chuks….” Rejoice was whispering

“ Yes… ! What is it?”

“ Please follow me, there is something I will love to discuss with you, privately….”

“I am all ears!” I said sitting up…

“ No, let’s go into the Bush, I have checked outside, seems everyone is asleep!”

That caught My attention… I felt this could be our chance of escaping…We tiptoed out of the room and truly everyone seemed to be asleep….As we got to a place far away from the camp…

This was how Rejoice had pulled me into the forest…

That day was exactly 3 months after I had been given a second chance, I was happy we were almost escaping , but Rejoice pulled me unexpectedly to herself….

“Please Mr. Chuks, just once, just once please… I can’t control myself anymore, I just need to get to the climax, please. I feel like I am running mad and if I don’t get someone to hit me hard right now, I will actually go bunkers,” Rejoice said as she held on to my trousers in the bush. She had lured me into the bush telling me there was something private she wanted to discuss with me.

I believed her because of the situation of the place we had found ourselves; we were very careful of what we said or did. I needed to shake Rejoice out of whatever she was feeling or else we both would get fried any moment.

“Rejoice stop this, you will get us killed! You know sex between unmarried people is an abomination in this place. Rejoice, what should be in our hearts and heads is how to get out of this place alive,” I said trying to make her snap out of her desire.

“I actually don’t feel alive, so yes, I don’t mind dying if I am caught satisfying myself. Mr. Chuks, I haven’t had sex in 3 days and you expect me to be sane,” Rejoice said as she was literally shaking.

“Rejoice, listen to me, this thing called sex is a thing of the mind, you should be the one to control your mind not your mind controlling you… tell your mind or your brain ‘sex is forbidden and it will send the message to the other parts of your body.”

“It is not that easy Mr. Chuks, I have been telling myself that for 3 days and unfortunately my brain has refused listening.”

“Well, if your brain doesn’t listen, my own brain is listening. Rejoice, I won’t let sex get me killed, I won’t let few minutes of enjoyment make me find myself where I found myself 3 months ago… I am not about to go back to Hell for 3 minutes of pleasure and besides, I owe God and mankind a lot, having messed up so much. I need a 100 years to undo all the evil I have done so far so I am not about to let you take this opportunity from me again.”

“Whose fault? Who deflowered me? Was it not you Mr. Chuks? The seed you sowed has produced fruits and you don’t want to eat from it?”

I desperately wanted her to keep quiet……

To be continued….

To follow up on this series, Follow the author on Facebook @ OPEYEMI OJERINDE AKINTUNDE-OFFICIAL Feel free to share this series, but please do not edit out the credit of the author and details. Let’s be mindful of others.

Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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