Report from ongoing ANCEDRAM northern regional conference

By Oluwafemi Dosu
In line with the promised made to publish report as it comes in from the northern part of the country on the ongoing regional conference of All Nigeria Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers, ANCEDRAM, our correspondent has filed in a robust reportage live from the north.
ANCEDRAM northern regional conference is currently holding in Niger State with 12 northern states fully represented and close to hundred participants as the time of this report. 
Our correspondent, Joseph Ajayi who is live at the venue reports:
The conference began on Thursday 29th of August,2018 with high praises by praise team, followed by welcome address by National Vice President, North who was represented by Zonal Coordinator, bro Joseph. He welcomed Board of Trustee members, BOT; State Chairmen present & declared the conference open. He further speaks on ‘Dry Bones’ which is the theme of the northern regional conference, saying dry bones in the north are coming back to live. 
Opening charge was given by BOT member, Evang. Stephen Hans who spoke extensively on Dryness & bones.
Hans stated the functions of bones as:
1.bones provides support to the body. 
2. They give the body shape.
3. They provide protection. 
4. They enhance movement.
5. They help to produce red blood cells. 
“According to science, there are 206 bones to make  up body,” he added.
The BOT member while illustrating from the book of Ezekiel. 37 v1 to 7 says the bones were not dry before but something caused them to dry . 
He summarised that: “If you are not functioning in your original purpose, you are a dry bone. It is not a mistake to be called drama army, but it will be a mistake for a drama ministers not to know what he was called to do.”
“If the prophet can speak live to dry bones, then you can speak,” he concluded.
The programme ended at about 10pm that day.
DAY 2:
As different activities rent the air on the followinh day, a training on Smart phone production was done by Bro Peter kolo using 1 Sam 17 v 1 – 59 as a point of reference.
Kolo used Goliath & David as case study of professional army. Then moved to “Transformation Ranting” with the Principle of one shot , one DOP, one GB used to bring Goliath down.
Several transformational ranting production were shown during the training from the likes of:
1. Tobi olumuyiwa 
2. Ayoola omolara pmh
3. Bodunrin 
In conclusion, about 30 transformation ranting were raised with specific assignment.
Evening message:
The preacher, Pastor Oluyemi Taiwo also ministered on dry bones, saying when Ministration left supernatural to natural  it mean dry bones, adding that Instead of being a blessing, it will become injury & create more dryness. 
Pst. Taiwo illustrating on dry bone
The clergy made reference to the book of Ezekiel 37 and Haggai 1: 11.
“For dry bones to raise again, it needs :
1. Fresh encounter.
2. Fresh empowerment by spirit of God.
3 Fresh obedience,” he noted.
Pastor Taiwo concluded his message with Romans 8 verse 11.

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