Why you must be fire brand minister- Yemi Adepoju

By Oluwafemi Dosu
The popular gospel actor and president of Victory Drama Group, Reverend Yemi Adepoju has revealed why a drama minister must be fire brand.
Adepoju made this known yesterday in Ekiti state at the ongoing western regional conference of All Nigeria Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers, ANCEDRAM.
Gospel Film News correspondent, Mayowa Samuel who is live at the venue disclosed that the reverend who preached on the topic “Made By Fire” used the book of Psalm 104vs 4 as a point of reference.
Firebrand  according to Adepoju is a statues that is use to light fire, saying firebrand is not only a fire but a fire that light other fire.
The one-time president of ANCEDRAM stated that to make your ministry a firebrand, you need to turn yourself to a dry wood because it takes a dry wood to catch fire.
Adepoju further enumerate why and how to become a firebrand minister:
Why we need to be a firebrand;
* It gives you boldness to preach. Isaiah 6:1-9.
* Your ministry or life becomes no go area for the devil.
* When your ministry & life becomes a firebrand, you have nothing to fear.
* Your word become authority.
* You need light to spake or light others: Act 2:41-44.
How can we keep the firebrand burning;
* Through the baptism of the Holy Ghost
* Drawing close to God. John 15:4-6
* Drawing close to the word of God.
*Drawing Close to the work of God.
* Avoid Fire extinguisher.

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