Please Learn To Spark Up Romance In Your Home, Jide Ogunmilade Advises Married Women


By Joy Adeosun

Gospel Filmmaker and Actor, Evangelist Jide Ademola Ogunmilade has advised married women to learn to spark up romance in their homes.

He made this known in a post Wednesday on his verified social media handle.

Gospel Film News quoted Ogunmilade saying “My dear choir mistresses, please come closer, when last did you flirt with your husband? When last did you scatter his brain? When last did you titillate his senses? “

The actor disclosed that he was at a movie location a while ago, and one of his brothers got a message from his wife, she said in summary, “When you come home tonight, you will eat good food and eat “good food”!.

He further disclosed that the message recipient was excited throughout that day and how eager he was to go back home, he was excitedly looking forward to eating good food and ‘good food’ that night.

Ogunmilade further stressed that no man will receive such a stimulating message and will not desire to rush home immediately. He added: “it is not a sin to stir up your husband and increase his desire to return home to you, give him promises of a great journey to Jerusalem that night to return home to you, he will rush home after work, send him a message saying Baby, my temple is waiting for you to come and worship when you return this evening or Honey, I am eagerly looking forward to our worship service together tonight or Darling, I have prepared the stadium already, I’m looking forward to our match tonight, I promise to win you in the game tonight. Ma, your husband will come running back home to you, even with a gift in his arms. These kinds of messages do something to a man, it trigger something in his brain.

“Please learn to spark up Romance in your home, like I always say, the world out there is not smiling, so you gotta do all you can to keep joy in your home. It is well.”

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