Movie Review: “If You Know My Story,” Produced By Felix Bankole


Reviewed by Ajibare Abioye

Oh, what to say about this movie! I love it for what it is and what it could have been; I believe both are important in evaluating certain gospel movies. The opening scene of If you Know My Story (an in media res of some sort) warms up my heart each time I watch it. It comprised four children “gisting”, and I was enamoured by the high-pitched, innocent verisimilitude of it. The latter part of the dialogue exchange is delightful, accompanied by aerial shots following the characters and sound production that I would consider a hallmark of this movie.

A title like the one given to this film already sets the bar high for what the audience can expect – a deeply moving story in this case. This is where my opening statements in this review come to play: Gloria’s narrative is indeed touching but does not reach a good measure of potential here, mainly due to an incomplete bridge linking the film’s past to its present. A more cohesive account could have resulted in a wholesome plot with a memorable climax. Nonetheless, I do appreciate If you Know My Story for what it has done and tried to do.

Young Gloria played by Boluwatife Agbaje gave a good representation of her character’s resilience in the face of life’s hurdles. Other children and adult actors did justice to their roles as well. Like I said earlier, the music production for this project is top-notch. I consider the motion picture a very welcome entry to children-based gospel movies that can motivate young ones to exploits in life. This message is one desperately needed in these financially depressing times when it has been mooted that formal education is a scam.

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Film Credits
(February 6, 2024)
53 minutes
Vision Drama Missions Outreach International and AGD Conglomerate

Boluwatife Agbaje as Gloria (Jnr)
Adedeji Adekusibe as Father
Sharon Adedeji Adekusibe as Mother
Yemi Bankole as Rahlia
Tomiwa Samson as Gloria (Snr)

Felix Bankole
Felix Bankole
Felix Bankole
Felix Bankole

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