By Oluwafemi Dosu and Dare Fayemi

The president of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye has commended his only daughter, Darasimi Mike-Bamiloye for allowing God to use and drill her in a time like this.

This was contained in a write up by Mike Bamiloye entitled THE TRANSFORMATION OF A DAUGHTER.

Bamiloye who was making reference to the ongoing film production titled “LAND OF FURY”  in Birni-Kebbi, Kebbi State, a Production of Mount Zion Films with the Kebbi State Christian Corpers Fellowship (NCCF-KEBBI) noted that God is seriously working on Darasimi and using her for great task and spiritual development.

“When our daughter was posted to Kebbi State for her NYSC, it was a difficult decision to allow her to go to that far Northern place without attempting to change the posting. We had the choice of changing the posting but the Lord spoke to us to leave her for Him. it was very difficult decision,” he said.

He continued by saying “When we were still thinking of this, the Lord reminded us that if He has been taking care of her all these years from childhood to adult all through her schooling, and we had trusted Him for her life, are we going to take over from Him now?
Then the Lord asked us, if we decide to repost him from her original state, where did we think is better for her? And truly, where did we know was better? We had been praying for a long while, consistently that the Lord would place her in the Right Place. Now, she was posted to Kebbi State, was it no longer the Right Place? So we trusted God and left God alone and left her there.”

“Then, the Lord began to deal with her right from the Orientation Camp. She found the cold weather difficult. She fell sick. She kept calling and giving situation report. Then, the Lord began to build her up spiritually. The Lord began to pluck all her feathers. She has been a spoilt child at home, doing things at her time, locking herself up in her room. She enjoy been alone and reading novels or writing poem; she doesnt like to be bothered. But the Lord needed another attitude from her because He wanted to use her, and this was where the Lord could do that perfectly.”

“Then, the Orientation Camp ended, and she was appointed to be among the very few usable personnels for the NCCF Executives, so because of that, she would not be able to come back home after Orientation Camp, she was to commence straight to Family House, and then straight away to Rural Rugged in one village.
She cried on phone. As we told her she must remain there and follow them to wherever they are going. She complained that she didnt bring her clothes to the Camp, so she wanted to come home and bring more clothes. We insisted she should stay over there and manager the few clothes she had. She missed home.”


“Then, we decided to pack her clothes and other necessary items in her room and travelled to Kebbi State with her loads. By this time, she had been appointed as the NCCF KEBBI STATE Drama Director. So her place of permanent lodging is in the crowded NCCF Family House.”

“We got to Kebbi NCCF Family House and saw more than 80 people living in the Family House. We saw DEDICATION. We saw COMMITMENT. We saw LOVE. We saw SPIRITUAL SACRIFICES. We were in their Fellowship Meeting and we saw POWER OF GOD among these youths.”

“We were extremely excited as they chorus Together the NCCF Family Songs:
“I love this family of God….”
“NCCF shall never never die…”
We love their dances and their Youthful Excitement in the Spirit.
We are happy our Daughter was in the RIGHT PLACE. The Lord brought her to the Right Place for her spiritual Development.”

“Now whenever she discuss with us on phone, we are so glad she has seriously developed spiritually. She has been turned to Mama Drama in NCCF KEBBI. She has written and directed series of drama at the NCCF.”

“Therefore, she shared with us that she has a vision of making a movie with the NCCF KEBBI during her time as the Drama Director of the State NCCF. She shared the vision with her brothers: Dammy and Joshua. They bought the vision and set out to shoot an Hausa English movie in Birni-Kebbi, with the NCCF KEBBI STATE,” Bamiloye added.

The evangelist revealed that the movie ‘LAND OF FURY’ was Written and Directed by
Damilola Mike-Bamiloye, Directors of Photography: Joshua Mike-Bamiloye and
Damilola Mike-Bamiloye while Production Manager is James Tunde Owah and NCCF KEBBI-STATE DRAMA DIRECTOR is Darasimi Mike-Bamiloye.

5 thoughts on “Mike Bamiloye appraise daughter

  1. Wow! Mighty God at work in the lives of these young ones..
    The "Land of Fury" shall be a sickle in the hand of Mighty Yaweh to draw souls to His kingdom…
    Well done all…

  2. Hmmm
    God knows more than man do, we should just allow His will to be done.
    I know there is a purpose in God's heart to have sent her and we also there.
    And for the film is going to be great because God says in Isaiah 14:27 that He purposed who can thwart Him?….
    and I know He hs perfected everything. Amen
    NCCF KEBBI STATE higher higher we will go…..

  3. mama drama( am I right?) from watching your performance in your film about grace which was released last year, I knew you were going places.
    i hope you wont infect all the Kebbi executives with the acting virus, anyway.
    God bless you, perfect and prosper His Work in your hands, sweetie!

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