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In the gospel film industry, there are certain people who have paid their dues, and impacted lives immensely. Impact of such people cannot be sidetracked, one of such people is Evang. Paul Aremu whom colleagues and associates calls Sean Paul. In an exclusive Interview with Gospel Film News, the Make Up expert x-rays his journey into film make up, and some of the challenges faced while coming up. He has done make up for the high and mighty in the gospel film industry. There is hardly anyone who watches gospel films produced in Nigeria who has not come in contact with at least one film that Paul Aremu worked on as Make Up artist.

Read his profile below:

“My name is Paul Eniola Aremu popularly known as Sean Paul. I’m from Oyo state, ibadan precisely. I attended Christoline Film Academy, Trecom Film School, DFMI, Shiloh Bible College. My journey into film makeup started in year 2001, when I had an encounter with God and saw myself using black coal to do makeup on people’s faces and also using the same coal to write on the board as I started teaching people on makeup and drama related topics in a vision. Ever since then I had been handling makeup for my ministry stage drama and other drama ministry from Ona-Ara ANCEDRAM who believes in me.

“I was opportuned to gain a few knowledge from Evang. Adepeter because I was curious to improve myself on makeup but there’s no money for me to go and learn it professionally because I just enter into full time that time. I also gained a little ideas from a sister in our local unit as we used to call our ANCEDRAM local government area that time. After all that I was not satisfied about my knowledge in makeup, I went to gain more knowledge at TRECOM Film School, also Christoline Film Academy learning the same thing. Still not satisfied. Every time I went to Oyo state Ancedram conferences I don’t attend any seminar except makeup even if I went to Ancedram national conferences, I do attend makeup seminar. Still not satisfied, but money and the ministry I belong to then did not practically allow me because of sensitive position that I held in my ministry.

“In 2005, I attended Christoline Film Academy, that’s where I was taught by Dr. Doyin Hassan after been taught by several makeup artists such as Bishop Akinsola Emmanuel, Grace Adinku just to mention few, yet not satisfied.

Paul Aremu’s work

“Before I went to Christoline Film Academy, I went to Bishop Akinsola Emmanuel to teach me fully but he declined. He ask me to pay N5000. The money as at that time was like N5 million to me because there’s no where for me to get it. I have been rejected by my family for accepting Christ, only my mummy was there for me but she is a petty trader that she cannot help me with that kind of big money. At Christoline Film Academy, I went to meet Dr. Doyin Hassan and I told him that I want him to teach me makeup and he held my hand and took me to Evang. Abayomi ojo (Abjay) because he was our second makeup lecturer. So, Abjay gave me his number that I should call him. That time I had started leaving in Lagos after my mummy’s death.

Paul Aremu’s hand work


“My ministry went to minister in a church after the drama school, after our ministration we sat at the pastor’s office and we discussed, and I put my phone closer to me on the couch. Immediately I left the church, I decided to put call to Abjay as l promised but surprisingly I could not see sim card in my phone again. I another phone to call that pastor we ministered in his church that morning. That’s how I lost contact with Abjay. But I did not give up.

Paul Aremu’s signature on an Actor

“Being a drama minister, revivalist and a deliverance minister, I began to get invitation to minister in churches and this get to my head to the extent that I don’t have enough time for drama ministry and makeup again. Subtle pride started coming in. If you greet me without attaching the Evangelist title calling me “Evang. Paul” I will be angry. I got ordained as an Evangelist in 2005 at Shiloh Bible College. October 2010, the Lord told me ‘Paul Eniola Aremu you will soon die because of silent pride. Go back to the ministry I called you to.’ That reminded me of my makeup vision though I lost it for six years after which i prayed and it came back. I then learnt it professionally but God always told me NOT NOW until October that year when He told me IT IS TIME!

“January 2011, I went to Ibadan for new year celebration and went to my friend, Evang. Tunde Owah’s house to play with him for a week. Both of us went to meet someone at Oritamefa Baptist Church, why we were waiting for the person, we started talking and I told him my vision to know more about film makeup since he knows me as passionate makeup artist before, I told him I lost Abjay’s number. He said to me, I have his number, he’s my friend and I was happy. He called Abjay and both of us discussed.

“By February 2011, Abjay called me to go and start a job (location) for him. On getting there at Akodu, Arola at Ibadan after polytechnic ibadan, Sango, when Abjay came at third day, he doesn’t recognized me in person, when he called my name on set like three different Paul will answer. Paul Oriade was there and two other Pauls’ and he looked at me, I will not call you Paul again but I will be calling you Sean Paul. That’s how I got the name Sean Paul. I rejected it because I don’t like it but God told me that I should accept it because he wants to humble me. Seriously the Lord used the name to humble me. Ever since then the name travels as if they have been waiting for me. I did more studies at Lagos State makeup training. Not still satisfied with what I know, I still want to learn more. Respect to Abjay for training me to become what I am today. I had work with every great drama ministry except EVOM ministry.”


“I attended I. M. G afternoon school, Beyenruka Ibadan from primary 1-4, I left there for Olubi Memorial Primary School, Elekuro Ibadan. When I got there the principal asked me to touch my ear but my hand cannot reach my ear, he said he cannot take me because I’m too young to enter school but my mother told him that this boy is just short in statue but of age. He insisted that he cannot allow me to school. My mother began to beg him showing him all my report cards from my previous school. She said I didn’t allow her to have peace at home and at Ile Keu (Modrasat) because I do beat up all boys and girls at Ile Keu and at the mosque. Mr. Principal agreed to favour me after much consideration, he put me again in primary one. So, I started again.

“When I got to primary four again my sister who we used to go to school together graduated and the school was too far for me according to my mother. After that I have to stay at home for many years again because no school wants to accept me due to the fact that I’m short. After some years a school (Christ The King School, Agugu Ibadan) decided to accept me after our house landlord who is the P.T.A chairman begged them, they accepted me but put me in primary three. When I did my primary exam which is common entrance into JSS one and my G2 exam (G2 exam is for anyone who finished primary school while common entrance is for anyone who wants to further their education into JSS), my first and second choice of school was Renaissance High School and United Secondary School but I was told my cut off mark cannot enter any school. I had 60% but their cut off mark was 55 and 57. It was later when i repeated the class I got to know that my name was found at Renaissance High School.

Paul Aremu’s family mom

“Second year, I scored 65% still no school wanted to accept me, though I was still very short. All the schools I went to rejected me, meanwhile, my cut off mark makes me eligible for so many schools in Ibadan but I don’t know why they are rejecting me. My cut off mark qualifies me for Loyola College, Lagelu Grammar School and others. I have to stay at home again but I was advised to repeat again which I rejected. In our struggle they found a school for me at ogbere, that is Ogbere Community High School, Idi – Osan, Ibadan. On getting there I discovered that the school has only two classes. Our first set of students were in JSS 2 and my set, JSS 1, all of them were sitting in a class without any chair. All students sat on the sand. That’s where my journey started.

Paul Aremu on duty

“I gave my life to Christ there and there God spoke to me that I will work for him in full time ministry even if I go to university. I got admission into Osun State Polytechnic, Iree, Osun state. The day I was to go and collect my school fees from my mummy as promised, that was the day she died. On getting to the house, my Elder Sisters had took the money and hide it. I asked them but none of them show me any money. They even burnt all results and certificate because I learnt barbing, thinking I will use the work to help myself in school. I wrote G.C.E and passed but no one to help me. I did work but God cancelled everything and sent me into full time ministry.

“From Elekuro to Iyana Idi-Obi, Agugu Ibadan, I used to treck it to and fro without school sandal. It’s like trecking from Iyana Iba to Orile in Lagos, Monday to Friday. Whenever I’m coming back from school after closing hours because of sun, I used to filled my water bottle with water pouring it on the road as I step on it because the roads was hot. When the water finishes, I will locate any tap to get more water because without it I won’t be able to walk on the road barefooted (no sandal).

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