INTERVIEW: Why we want to make Mike Bamiloye our first guest on Beyond Entertainment Show- Victor Olukoju


Something new and big is about to happen to the gospel movie world. A fresh programme, “Beyond Entertainment Show” will kick off on 18th of May 2020 and hit the online space big. The show is put up by the award-winning Screenwriter and Actor, Victor Olukoju popularly known as PVO (producer of Akobi Laaroye). In this exclusive Interview with Gospel Film News, Olukoju disclosed the idea behind the show, why Evang. Mike Bamiloye is the first guest, how often it will be aired, amongst others. Excerpt:

Much publicity have been on as touching “Beyond Entertainment Show,” what’s the show all about?

The show is about letting the world know the Gospel movie makers more than what they see on the screen. It is to let people see why they do what they do and why they are unrepentant in their pursuit.

Is the programme trying to focus on celebrities alone or players in the gospel entertainment world?

The show is not just about celebrities. The focus is on those who are labouring to build the kingdom of God through motion pictures.

Why are you starting the show with the “biggest icon” in gospel film industry, Mike Bamiloye?

For two reasons:
God has used him to pioneer what many of us are doing today. He is our own Apostle and Daddy. Now, he is the man in THE TRAIN that has become a worldwide movement today. We need to know what is motivating him in his dogged pursuit for about 35 years now.

How often will the programme be on air?

We are hoping that it will be weekly. Already, we have shot what will last for 4 months on weekly basis. But let’s see how it goes.

What platform will the programme be aired or viewed?

It is going to be coming on my YouTube Channel: Victor Olukoju PVO

What does viewers stand to gain in the programme?

They will get to know more about these great men and women who they have been seeing on the screen. They will hear them talk about themselves, act and even sing!

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1 thought on “INTERVIEW: Why we want to make Mike Bamiloye our first guest on Beyond Entertainment Show- Victor Olukoju

  1. Wow!
    Like seriously I’m anticipating the first edition, then after that, we can think of coming for the second.
    Its a great movement which I know God is starting, I know that my God who has pioneered this will plan it Himself.
    More grace Sire.
    And more hands and other resources In the Beautiful Name of Jesus.

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