THE RECONCILIATION (Part 41-46) by Rhoda’Keji Onaderu



The Reconciliation (Part 41)

Christy woke up to the sound of roaring laughter from the living room, she wondered the reason for the loud laughter.

Stepping into the living room, she met the cousins of her husband living in Abuja, they were gisting and didn’t even noticed when she entered.

She greeted them warmly and wondered what they had come to Kaduna to do, her husband and her children came in few minutes later.

Turning to his cousins, Mr Itodo said,

“I actually invited you people today for a reason, firstly, I want you to listen to this”

He played the audio of a recorded conversation to them, then he showed and read two messages sent by a man to Christy.

Christy started fidgeting in her seat, lastly, Mr Itodo brought out two pictures of a man. His cousin were stunned that his second son bear a striking resemblance to the man, his older cousin had a dazed expression on her face after sighting the pictures.

Then, he turned to Christy,

“Can you start talking? How did it happen?”

Christy was silent.

“You not only brought a bastard to my house but you have also started building your house without informing me, start talking now”.

Christy stood up with fear and trembling.

“I am deeply sorry” she said.

“Sorry? did you just say sorry?”

Her two sons started crying.

“I took the children for a DNA test and this is the result”

He brought out a document from an envelope and gave it to his cousins.

“Daniel is not my son, how did you do it?

Christy started crying too.

“You can’t talk?, no problem, just sign this please”

He gave her the divorce paper.

Christy screamed on sighting it.

“Sign and get out with your son”

“Please I can explain, I can explain”

“It’s too late, I don’t need the explanation. I just wonder how I allowed myself to go into marriage with you. Just respect yourself and get out honourably”

She turned to his cousins and said, “Please help me beg him”,

“Christy, sign and get out of my life forever. Trust me, I will send all your luggages to your maternal aunty’s house in two days time, just get out please”.

His cousins were flabbergasted at the drama unfolding before them, Mr Itodo had phoned them that he had a special surprise for his wife, and that their presence was requested in doing this, they never envisaged the kind of surprise they got.

To be continued
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The Reconciliation (Part 42)

Christy sat outside the gate till the evening of that day, she pulled calls to different people asking for them to assist her with temporary accommodation and also plead with her husband.

Mr Itodo called Agnes’s mother the following morning.

“Good morning Theresa, once again, I am deeply sorry for everything I did, I have realised my mistake”.

“Good morning, like we said previously, we have forgiven you”

“You are indeed a virtuous woman, I just allowed my strong desire to have a son pushed me from you. I am deeply sorry”.

“It is painful but we have chosen to let go. Please can Agnes formally bring his fianc√© to meet you? When and where should they meet with you please?”

“It will be a great pleasure, they can come to my house in Kaduna”

“Your house, you say?”

“Yes my house and I will be expecting them”

“I hope they will leave in peace when they come”

“They will leave in peace and if you so wish, you can come along with them”

“Me?, don’t worry, they will come”

James and Agnes arrived in Kaduna the following Saturday morning, they followed the description and got to her father’s house around 10a.m.

By the end of their first hour in the house, Agnes noticed Christy didn’t come out to greet, only her first son came out. So, she summoned courage and asked after her.

“She is gone for good”.

“Dad, you sent her away?”.

“Her deeds sent her packing”

“Is this because of us?”

“No, a coincidence, her lies crashed on her, her dirty games of keeping secrets failed her. We are divorced now”.

James and Agnes looked at each other.

“Tina and Florence witnessed everything, they came from Abuja”


“Daughter, I want your mum back, can you plead on my behalf? I need my peace and sanity after all these years”.

Agnes sighed.

“I am proud of you girls, God has indeed justified your mother’s sacrifice”.

James and Agnes set out their wedding plans before Mr Itodo and they asked for his counsel too.

When they were about leaving, Agnes asked after the second son.

” You mean Daniel?, that one has gone forever with Christy”


“Yes, I don’t need a bastard in my house”.

“Bastard?, I don’t understand sir”

“You heard me well, daughter”.

Agnes shook her head and gave gifts to Timothy before leaving.

To be continued
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The Reconciliation (Part 43)

“I can’t believe this, dad can’t be pulling this as a joke”, Agnes said to James as they left her father’s house.

“Did you read the text message I sent to you last week?”

“Yes, I remember now, so, this is it, thank you Jesus”.

” But don’t you think the woman might stage a comeback “.

“Waoh, why are you stressing yourself? Instead of you to be happy that the woman has finally left.The yoke is finally broken but keep interceding for him. So, how would you help him with your mum?”.

” Mum and I have had a discussion about it previously. I believe she will be willing now since Madam Christy has left”.

“Should we believe they will be united before our wedding?. I desire to have a bride from a united family”.

“Only God can do this”.

James called his father-in-law-to-be to appreciate his hospitality after arriving in Lagos. He was about hanging up when he heard noises and the shout of a woman in the background.

“Sir, who’s that? What’s happening?

“Gun, Gunshot,I will call you back”, he hung up.

James became upset and so, called Agnes immediately to intimate her about her dad.

Agnes called her dad thrice but he didn’t take his call, she however called thirty minutes later.

“Dad, what happened”, she said as soon as the call was picked.

“It’s not your dad, l am his neighbor, we are taking him to the hospital, he was shot some minutes ago”

“By who? Why? How?”, Agnes became agigated and confused.

“We don’t know the culprit yet, we just heard gunshots and we realised he has been shot. He is losing much blood, I will call you back”

Agnes started sweating immediately, she informed James about the recent happening.

Agnes’s fear heightened as the day drew to a close without hearing from her dad. She had called his phone severally but the calls didn’t go through.

By the mid of the following day, she received a call from a hospital in Kaduna, the hospital administrator called to confirm her relationship with him, she being the last caller on his call log.

“Well, if you are his daughter, then please be informed that your dad is presently in the hospital, some people rushed in to our hospital yesterday, he has suffered severe bleeding, he needs oxygen.

“Which hospital please? I don’t reside in Kaduna”

He gave her the address of the hospital, Agnes called James and her two aunties in Abuja immediately.

To be continued
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The Reconciliation (Part 44)

“Aunty Florence, my father was shot, he is in the hospital”, Agnes said as her aunt took her call.

” What?, What happened? We still spoke 3 days ago, which hospital?”

” I only have the address”

“Ok, text me the address, I will plead with a former colleague to visit him”.

James called Agnes afterwards,

” How much is the cost of the required oxygen “

“Ha, I forgot to ask”

” Ask and let us forward the money to the hospital bank account first so that they can start treating him. Then, can you travel to Kaduna tomorrow? My P.A will arrange for your flight ticket”

“Ok , thanks I am grateful, I can.

” I will call you later, I have a meeting now, let’s believe all will be well”

“Ok, thanks.

“Mum, please can we travel to Kaduna together? We need someone to stay around dad now”. Agnes asked her mum few minutes later.

Theresa sighed deeply.

” Mum”


” I told you his wife has left him, there won’t be anyone to attend to him”

“So where will I be staying?”

“I will arrange for a place for you to stay once we get to Kaduna”

Theresa was mute again.

“Mum please”. Agnes pleaded.


“Thanks ma, you are the best”

Agnes and her mum entered the hospital room and saw that Mr Itodo was on oxygen therapy. Two hours later Agnes went out to confirm her mother’s accommodation at a nearby guest house, she was about entering the room when she heard her mother screaming, she rushed in.

“What happened ?”

She met her mum fidgeting and looking terrified.

“Gun, gun, I saw a man”


“He has jumped over the fence, he jumped back when I screamed.

” Really”

“He pointed his gun towards him through the window”

“Oh my God, this is becoming serious, what are we going to do? We need to alert the hospital management “

Agnes rushed out of the room.

To be continued
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The Reconciliation Part 45

James called afterwards and Agnes narrated the issue at hand.

“He can’t stay there again , we are moving him to Lagos. It’s obvious that someone is after his life. We don’t have time on our hands, I will call you back. Meanwhile, don’t discuss our plan with anyone yet.”

“OK” Agnes answered slowly.

“What’s the issue? Do you have any reservation about the plan”

“No, it’s just that I shouldn’t be bothering you this much”

“Excuse me, I am surprised at your utterance. We are talking about a man who will soon be my father-in-law and remember that I am an orphan, I will surely need his guidance one day” “

“I am sorry, I am grateful and highly indebted to you”

“I will call you back but please send the doctor’s number to me, I want to discuss with him, he needs to move your dad out of that room first”

“OK, thanks for all your care, you have really been a blessing to my family”.

Agnes texted the doctor’s number to James and added a message,

“You are indeed a blessing to my family, you are my own divine compensation, keep flying with the wings of grace”.

Agnes’s phone beeped some minutes later , it was a text message from the Lubiya’s twins and she smiled as she read the message.

” Dear Aunty Agnes, please know that we are praying for your family, we believe God will do wonders, just don’t forget that we love you now and forever. Do us the favor of smiling after reading this message”

She replied immediately, “Thank you my forever lovely twins. God bless you real good, you girls have stolen my heart”.

Mr Itodo was moved to a private ward on the second floor some minutes later. Theresa was also given the room adjoining to his for an accommodation, this was part of James’s discussion with the doctor.

To be continued
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The Reconciliation (Part 46)

Tito drove in to her office’s premises and was about entering the elevator when her phone rang.

She took her call, it was her brother-in-law, he called to inform her that her sister just had a baby girl, Tito was overjoyed by the news and so, she placed her right hand on her belly , declaring in faith that she would deliver her baby also.

She believed her own testimony will soon be heard since God could give her younger sister two children.

Mr Itodo was moved to Lagos two days later and Timothy was made to stay with a family friend in Kaduna so that he can finish the school’s term.

Mr Itodo woke up the following day and was shocked to see Theresa on the chair in the room.

“Theresa”, he mumbled.

She smiled in response.

” Thank you” he said slowly.

She smiled again.

He felt a sharp pain on his right hand, so he squinted and made a sound, Theresa went near to calm him down. She wanted to leave after a while but he used his left arm to press her dress down.

“I am ,am really sorry”, he slurred.

” It’s okay”

“I want you again”

Theresa gazed towards the door


Just then a nurse came in, she came to administer his drugs, Theresa excused herself and left the room to have her breakfast.

She came back about forty minutes later and met him sleeping but noticed a note tucked under his arm. She must have slept off because she didn’t know when a male nurse entered to check on him.

Mr Itodo gestured to the nurse to take the note and read.By the time, he finished, Theresa was in tears, she wondered how he managed to scribble that because he had earlier complained of pain on his right hand.

To be continued
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