INTERVIEW: The story behind 1 in 50,000 movie- Producer

Mojisola Ogunlana

The gospel film producer, Mojisola Ogunlana recently produced a movie which publicity  and lohcation pictures rent the social media. In this exclusive interview with Gospel Film News publisher, Oluwafemi Dosu, she opened up on why she produced the movie titled ‘1 in 50,000’ and how she came up with such title. She also talked about her background and plans for the movie. Excerpt:

I’m Mojisola Ogunlana. I came from a Muslim family and by the grace of God i got born again in 1988 and ever since 1988 i’ve been in drama and I attended Mount Zion Training in 1994 and i went back in 1996 or thereabout. I studied Electrical/ Electronics in Yaba College of Technology, YABATECH and later went to University of Lagos, UNILAG to do Diploma in Computer Science. I worked for ten years as an Engineer with ‘Bagco Super Sack’,  i retired in 2010 and ever since i’ve been three-quarter (3/4) in full time drama ministry. I’m married with children.

‘’1 in 50,000’’ is the true life story of my daughter. When we gave birth to her we got to know she has a syndrome called ‘Treacher Collins Syndrome’. This syndrome happens to a child out of 50,000. There was a day my daughter came home and asked that ‘Mummy, is there nobody in Nigeria that has this kind of Syndrome, i want to meet the person, i want to share felling’ and i went to the internet to check, Lo and Behold, i couldn’t get any write up or anybody in Nigeria with that syndrome, though you can find it outside the country. So, i made up my mind that since what the Lord told me when i had her was ‘the comfort you receive, comfort another person’, because i was asking God what he wanted to say concerning her case. 
Mojisola Ogunlana’s daughter with Treacher Collins Syndrome
As a child of God when you have a situation, there is always something that God is saying, so, once you got to know what God is saying every other thing people are saying is noise, though Doctors told me so many thing; how she will not be able to hear, how i should not feed her with pepperish things until she is eighteen (18), how she will not be able to walk, they said so many things but i wanted to know what God was saying and the only thing God said was that The comfort which you have received, comfort another person. When i now realised there is nobody with such in Nigeria and i know deep down that there will be some children with such children, maybe they’ve been killed or they locked them up and i thought of creating awareness. 
I’ve been to Punch Newspaper, Guardian Newspaper, i’ve done a Radio live show, i’ve been to Television to create awareness. So, i now decided that i should watch a movie since i know that people love to watch, i said let’s talk to the society, the reaction of the society towards a challenged child, how the parents should handle it, the in-laws, how the church should handle such, what they should do and to let people know that there is no limitation even if a child is challenged they can still achieve purpose because my daughter is eighteen (18 years) and she has completed her Secondary School and she made her WAEC result. By the grace of God, next year she will be in the University. So, i felt that i should make people aware that even if a child is challenged he can still fulfil purpose. We should not discard the child, we should not kill the child, we should not lock them up, let them fulfil what God want them to fulfil, they are sent to this world for a purpose. That’s the reason behind ‘1 in 50,000’ movie and I’m sure by the time it will be out lives will be touched. 


Though we’ve shown it in my church convention this year. By the grace of God before the end of the year i plan to do the major premier which we will invite some NGOs, Doctors, Medical students because don’t be surprise i’ve been to hospitals within and outside the country and i realised that even many Doctors have not seen such patients physically, they only read it. So, i planned to call some of them, let them meet with he, let them see what she has passed through, how she was able to overcome all the bulling and everything like that. By the grace of God, before the end of the year we will do the premiere and next year it will be out and will be on social media too.

Whao, i won’t say yes and i will not say no because the last time we did the radio talk a particular couple called us and said they also have a child with no ear, born without the two ears and no anus. So, i took it upon myself to go and see the baby and we’ve taken the baby to the hospital, so, i’m trying to feel it, i’m trying to see that maybe God is starting a new thing because within and outside the country, i’ve been speaking to so many people about her, sharing her testimony and i’ve been ministering to people, so, i believe that God want to start something concerning the NGO.

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