“HIM, HER& I” part 17 by Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde


( A Love Triangle)
©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Bro Tunde was the one taking the closing prayer. I was so happy, Papa did not make the public confession, but after the closing prayer, I heard what sounded like trouble…

“ All executives are expected to stay behind for a brief meeting with the President “. Bro Tunde had said before sharing the Grace.

Everything in my body spoke to me that, it had something to do with Papa and I. Unfortunately for me, Bro Kennedy, Papa and I were part of the executives.

I instantly started having migraine and stomach upset, I needed to get Bro Kennedy and I out of the fellowship center…

“ Bro Kennedy, I don’t think I can wait for this meeting, I am having a splitting headache…” I said as our initial plan was to leave campus together.

“ Aww… Sorry… It’s ok, let me inform Bro Tunde to update me on whatever will be discussed..”

“ You can always call him to get information later.” I said trying everything possible to get him out of the fellowship center.

“ That’s true… but I need to get my room key from Bro Tunde” Bro Kennedy said and I knew there was no stopping him, Bro Tunde was his roommate. He needed to get the room key from him.

Bro Kennedy went into the president’s office and if there was anytime I had prayed fervently before that day, it won’t have equaled the level of fervency I used to pray for those few minutes. I think that day would have been the day I prayed the most fervent prayer ever…

“ God Please, don’t let my secret be leaked to Bro Kennedy.. God please cover my shame…” I groaned silently in prayer

Bro Kennedy took forever to come out, but when he finally did, I knew something had gone wrong…. He was walking out of the office in a very slow way, he had his eyes very red… He was trying to reason out something… He looked me in the eye with tears pouring out of his eyes and said…

“ Have you been lying to me? “ he said sobbing with heartbreak in his eyes and voice, not minding the other students in the fellowship center

“ I can explain!” I said

“ Are you the sister who slept with a brother in this fellowship, who got pregnant and aborted?” He said raising his voice, by this time the attention was on us as people were beginning to ask each other questions… All the fellowship executives had also stepped out…

“ You are shouting and making a scene.. Bro Kennedy, can we go and discuss this privately?” I said touching his arm in an emotional way

“ Don’t touch me…” He screamed at me…

“ I totally get this, I have been the biggest fool to think you were interested in me or loved me as much I loved you… I think I know who the brother is, so you got pregnant for Papa, aborted it since it didn’t go down well with him and you decided to come back to this fool named Kennedy lying to me you were raped!” Bro Kennedy said in tears and Papa didn’t help matters. He didn’t argue the statement, he only bowed his head in shame…

“ Oh my God, to think I left Mmesoma for you this pretender, I am the biggest loser ever… I hate you Timi, I hate you, you are the devil’s mistress” Bro Kennedy left the center, weeping ….

The fellowship center was as quiet as a graveyard, though we had over 50 students present. I wanted to run far away from there, but my legs didn’t move one bit, instead my body was doing a 360 degrees turn on it own as I looked around for who could console me. My tears flowed with no restrictions, as I looked into the eyes of all the sisters I had deceived about Papa having a Fiance.

They also understood they had been fooled. Each of them eyed me maliciously, no one came close to pet me… and one after the other they left me in the circle. I was able to move my legs, and I found my way to the altar, I fell down on my knees weeping profusely .

I couldn’t raise my head because of the shame, so I stayed in that position till I was sure everyone had left, but as I stood up to leave I saw Papa sitting at the last seat in the center waiting for me…

“ The fellowship president did not mention our names, he just said that two executive members unfortunately found themselves in the act of fornication which resulted in pregnancy and afterwards abortion. He said this in the meeting as a way of discouraging too much closeness between brothers and sisters in the fellowship. I guess Bro Kennedy immediately connected your been raped to the story… I am sorry… I felt a heavy guilt on me all this while, and I needed to let it out”

I walked close to him and said…

“ Thanks for making me naked in front of the whole school.”

I left school and went back home shattered , broken and wounded only for my mother to come up with a story that a man was interested in me…

Who?, Her Evangelism Partner!!!

“What kind of thing is this?” I was mad in my Spirit. At that point, I felt betrayed by two Christians I had invested my love in , though I knew I was not innocent, but at that point in my life, I was done with religious brothers…

I was going to find love outside the Christian folk, probably a widower or a divorcee who also had children, so that my having a daughter, Jadesola won’t be an issue…

I just had one more semester in the university. My plan would be to stay low, avoid the Christian fellowship and move on with my life…

To be continued

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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde

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