Former ANCEDRAM President To Drama Ministers: Do Not Blackmail God


By KC Nwachukwu

Blackmail, as being used in this context, refers to the act of painting GOD black before your co-workers, ministry-public and public in order to attract sympathy or carnal support. In a socio-political world, blackmailing is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE punishable by law.


1) By refusing to PARTICIPATE in SPIRITUAL PROGRAMMES and ORDINANCES ( James 4:17). It is highly unbelievable that some drama ministers, widely-acclaimed and established, are not participating in the on-going, monthly prayer and fasting since the beginning of this year. They are fully aware of it; yet have decided never to be part of it ( for reasons best known to them). Unfortunately, MINISTRY is MILITARY. You adhere to protocols. You adhere to INSTRUCTIONS. You do not break RANKS (Joel 2:7) ; for your own good and that of your followers.Take for instance ( God forbids!), if anything NEGATIVE happens to you right now, will your followers and public take it funny? Wouldn’t your followers and public conclude that GOD is weak, carefree and not able to take care of his own? Wouldn’t some of your followers start backsliding? How many of them will reason that you must have been living in DISOBEDIENCE, STUBBORNNESS and PRIDE? Why are you trying to blackmail GOD? Please, you have another opportunity ( December 1st to 7th, 2023 General Prayers and Fasting) to prove to GOD that it was a MISTAKE. I am confident you will do the NEEDFUL.


2) By not giving BALANCED TESTIMONIES of GOD (2 Tim2:12). Our God is like a COIN with head and tail. He has two sides. He is LOVE and also a CONSUMING FIRE. He is MERCIFUL on earth and a JUDGE in heaven. Likewise, JESUS is both a LAMB of GOD and a LION of Tribe of Judah. There are two sides to the work of ministry: The Cross and the Crown. It is therefore WRONG to be telling people of WHAT you have suffered for the gospel ( carrying costumes on your heads from one location to another, slept in mosquitoes-induced areas, ministered without honourariums etc) without CORRESPONDING testimonies on what GOD has done in your life via the ministry. What of the favours he had granted you in all sides, the school admission he granted to your children, the various promotions you have enjoyed in your offices as a result of goodwill attracted by your ministry ? What of all the invisible wars he has fought for you, your family and relations? Why are you not sharing those testimonies? Why are you trying to blackmail GOD? At my own level, I have witnessed so many CROSSES and CROWNS in this calling. When it was time for me to settle down maritally, sisters were using me as guinea pig and for teaching practice. Many of them made huge mockery of me and God was on the throne laughing and having a good time. When He decided to step down, I saw the difference. He settled me beyond my expectation. In this ministry work, I have received SEEDS of cars, land property, material resources of all kinds. I have received ,in a single honorarium, an equivalent of three months of a level 10 federal civil servant’s salaries! It is only foreign currencies I am yet to taste, and I am preparing for them in 2024 in Jesus name! So, no matter what the devil is throwing at you, always remember THE CONCLUSION ( EVOM Network Movie): GOD is so Good!


3) By LUKEWARM ATTITUDE towards your ministerial assignment (Rev3:16). Drama ministry is not only about acting; even though actors are of larger population in our midst. It is about the WORK: the faith that works. Just follow His leading. Start with WHATEVER your hands find to do , in humility and faith, and God will ORDER your footsteps to your LAND ( an existing ministry, a new ministry or a particular assignment per time). When you get it, the FIRE ( passion and burden) will over take you. You will become restless and less concerned about public opinion, material gains, who is working and who is not working in the field.


4) By LIVING in MURMURING and FRUSTRATION (Philp3:12-14). It is the blackmailing spirit that makes a drama minister look so frustrated and cheated by God. It makes you feel your life could have been better if you had been on other side. It proceeds to voicing out all grievances and wonderful OPPORTUNITIES you have missed as a result of CHRIST taking hold of you. Unfortunately, these grumbling and murmuring endear the devil and call for quick arrangement of ALTERNATIVE opportunity to entrap your SOUL. That was the trick that worked on Lot’s wife.


5 ) By LIVING in total DISOBEDIENCE to GOD and His Word ( SIN).
Isaiah 59:1- It makes a minister a cheap PREY to the devil. Unfortunately, such ministers, like big trees, are never alone. When they fall, they bring down (eliminate) other smaller trees under them.This, usually, gladdens the devil and his demons. A reason why it should always be emphasised that ministry is more of the hearts than activities. Its true success is not determined by titles, credentials, years of experience or physical energy exerted; but more of QUALITY of FAITH and SPIRITUAL WISDOM applied. Faith and Wisdom attract GOD. When GOD is with you, the WORK will prosper and you will have rest. However, to enjoy such rest, you need an ALTAR ( a spiritual court where matters are treated and settled). I am LED at this juncture to call for:

a) A Prayer of SALVATION & RE-DEDICATION of your life to Christ. One day, some widely-acclaimed drama ministers gathered around JESUS. They started quoting Psalm 23 (the Psalm of David) : The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want. JESUS bursted into laughter. After a while, he sat them down and began to explain to them that it is NOT EVERYBODY that is under the shepherd-hold of God. His sheep HEARS his VOICE, He KNOWS them and they FOLLOW Him. He gives them ETERNAL LIFE and no one ( all devils put-together) can SNATCH them from his hand because His Father ( the Jehovah GOD) who gave them, is bigger than all ( John 10: 27). Make a U-turn, right NOW , to JESUS. Ask for his forgiveness. Make a promise to follow Him, henceforth. He is HERE to receive you! The Spirit of God is also HERE to empower you!

b) A Call for 2023 SEED SACRIFICE. Boldly drop your END of Year ( 2023 Seed Sacrifice) to any of our COLLECTIVE ALTARS, between NOW and 30th Dec, 2023. The COLLECTIVE ALTARS are: ANCEDRAM, UKCDRAM, CDMAC, EDMA, NACEDRAM, MZAIFI, etc. Permit me to pray: By this singular obedience and faith in God’s Word, may you enter your REST in JESUS name! May God grant you every desire of your heart that is in line with His perfect will for you. May you never experience a better yesterday in life, family, business and ministry. May GOD restore all that pertain to you and your destiny in Jesus precious name.Amen!

Pst KC Nwachukwu
Golden Exposures, Enugu, Nigeria.

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