Movie Review: Bope Boya Written by Femi Adebile


Reviewed By Ajibare Abioye 

With the debut season of Bope Boya picking up steam in its finale, a second was worth anticipating. This new season fully establishes the dangerous Pastor Paul as the protagonist, devoting a great percentage of runtime to displaying his idiosyncrasies and shenanigans, all well portrayed by the talented Femi Adebile. The performances of his louts are also noteworthy. Furthermore, new foes arise, importantly Teni, out to get Pastor Paul for a past wrong. Another is Apata, whose whole subplot I opine was largely inconsequential and could have been completely omitted for a better-fitting plotline.


Three scenes into Bope Boya Season 2, Pastor Niran’s daughter (whom I claimed in the Season 1 review “seemed to have vanished into thin air”) resurfaces, thereby creating a wider gash in the plot. Her place here is however of a cameo at best, and I sincerely think that the dilemma her father is in – sacrificing her as against running mad – would have made for a more viable story. The theme of how a minister of God might navigate (un)successfully through his challenging circumstances was what drew me to the series in the first instance. It gradually became though, and in this second season, has fully become the Pastor Paul show.

As it turns out, the enigma has no story goal strong enough to drive a series. Consequently, he just shows up in scenes being his brash self and adding next to nothing to the plot. Other characters also just do things in scenes, without the required cause-and-effect relationship that transforms isolated occurrences into narratives with depth and meaning.
I know it is not impossible this series isn’t over yet. If (and whenever) that might be the case, I would suggest the filmmakers critically reexamine the previous seasons to first of all determine IF there’s a STORY that NEEDS to be told, and then ascertain if it’s strong enough to anchor another season.


Pastor Paul’s words at the end of the season are worthy of note, and emphasise the need for children of God to be steadfast in their calling. Yes, challenges of life will come, but our Saviour, Jesus Christ, has assured us that He has overcome the world. So, we can be of good cheer, knowing He’s got our backs.


The link to the full season is

Bope Boya (Oct. 20 to Nov. 3, 2023)
65 minutes/episode (avg)
PREM Film Productions International

Femi Adebile as Pastor Paul
Moses Korede Are as Pastor Niran
Yemi Akande as Ewenje
Favour Otoji as Daniel
Mercy Afolarin as Teniola
Oluwarantimi Ibiyemi as Apata

Femi Adebile
Tobi Areo
Francis Fashikun
Joshua Oladejo


Till the next review, stay blessed!

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