Femi Adebile; The Energetic, Unrepentant Filmmaker


By Oluwafemi Dosu

Evangelist Femi Adebile also known a Fejosbaba is a household name in the gospel film industry. He has created a niche for himself and breaking records. He has featured in several films in Nigeria and has produced several others, part of which are Kembe Isonu, university of tears, amongst others.


This young and a prolific man of God grew a Youtube channel to 200,000 subscribers and gained youtube’s attention.


He is the CEO of Fejosbaba Talent Workshop in Ondo state, South West Nigeria, where he grooms and builds talent for gospel film making and content creators.


He is an energetic filmmaker that produces film back to back.


There is hardly anything he starts that won’t prosper. He has some platforms on social media with different purposes such as Femi PREM Adebile, Fejosbaba TV, Baba Nife, Doctor Truth, Fejosbaba Full Information etc. He also started Fejosbaba Viewers Choice Award in 2023.


Part of his energetic and unrelenting nature made him announced Release of Numerous Movies from his brand. According to him, he will be releasing one film every Sunday in the months of October, November and December 2023.


Adebile and other gospel filmmakers who are never tired of shooting and releasing Godly films despite odds.


One of his mentees, Muyiwa Omotara Chosen in an exclusive interview with Gospel Film News has this to say about him:

“Evangelist Femi Adebile popular known as Fejosbaba, is my spiritual father and my mentor. Having a mentor is one thing, having a great mentor who is interested in your growth and ready to support you till you get it right is the best thing that can ever happen to one.


“Fejosbaba has been a source of inspiration to me, He is more than a mentor to me, He’s a father with a feather who can take you farther.


“I am not ashamed to say this, my success story can never be complete without Fejosbaba, because he has done alot to support my growth, physically, spiritually, financially, with influence and even many more.


“Without his help I wouldn’t have been exposed to so many opportunities I’m enjoying today. I bless the day I met Fejosbaba.


“Fejosbaba is an outstanding example of leadership and wisdom. So humble to the core, he does not relate with us as a student under him or as a mente, He relate with us as friends, When I mean us, I mean everyone, young and old. Being under his wing has been a blessing in my life.


“Finally Fejosbaba is an open minded person, he does not keep anything from us, most especially his students, Whenever he has any helpful information that will help our growth, he shares it without thinking twice. I love him for that. Show me a man who is Spirit filled, Humble, Selfless, Supportive, Loving, Caring, Consistent and many more I will Echo his name countless time…(FEJOSBABA).”


Another follower of him, Famuyibo Stephen told Gospel Film News that

“Fejosbaba is an open man who is very open to his close home crew (his boys), it is so true that he does not hide anything from them including financial information, ministry support, testimonies and even YouTube revenues, he is a servant-leader as he usually says its scam to only share the stories of pain to your team without also encouraging them with the gains. He is a silent philanthropist who has achieved a lot but will not talk about it publicly. There are more but this is the limit I can spill out now!”

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