FEJOSBABA TV YouTube Channel Comes Back Fully after Shutdown by YouTube



By Oluwafemi Dosu

Gospel Filmmaker and CEO of FejosBaba TV, Evang. Femi Adebile has expressed his happiness over the reopening of his online TV channel, FejosBaba TV after a shutdown by YouTube.

Adebile in a Statement this morning confirmed that his YouTube channel is back and better, recounting that Just two days to the time they were about to release BLOOD BANK PART 2, his channel was shut down by YouTube for an offence they didn’t commit.

He recalled that himself and his team were not themselves at the studio, down hearted, don’t know who to talk to, messaged YouTube management and proved their innocence, yet everything proved abortive and YouTube promised to answer again in 30 days.

FejosBaba added that the consequences of the shut down includes
1. The movie will not be recommended by YouTube
2. There Shall be little views and crawling views
3. Engagement will totally reduce

Due to the consequences, Adebile decided not to release the movie on Sunday May 2nd again and wanted to give it to another channel but the Lord said “No Way,” so he encouraged his team, and they were strong, but on Sunday, his human nature prevailed, he was down, discouraged and down casted, but later his strength was reactivated with joy as he watched the views crawling and was encouraging himself


“Just this morning, The Lord opened us up. In fact, it was a shift, we are happy it happened, It was a better strength and movement, better recognition as they apologized after seeing our BTS, Scripts etc. We are back and better, the enemy is put to shame. Thanks to those who observed and reached out to us with concern. Thanks to some of my mentees, We are fully back in Jesus name. NOW WE CAN WATCH BLOOD BANK PART 2 WELL. Help share the Link. It is below,” he noted.

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  1. Your ministry is a great one, and has been a great impart… How can one join your ministry.

  2. Halleluyah! Our song of victory will never be hidden.
    The Lord strengthens you the more sir and all members of the ministry.

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