MOVIE REVIEW: “Jinxed”, a Production of Mount Zion Institute


Reviewed by Ajibare Abioye

What’s up folks? You’re welcome to the review of Jinxed, a short movie produced last year that, along with After One (2021), inspired me to begin reviewing short films on a consistent basis.


Ajibare Abioye

Jinxed was written and directed by Festus Olalekan Dairo. An amazing fact about it is that it was a project done last year by a group of students at the Mount Zion Institute of Christian Drama. It tells the story of Payin, who wants to be successful in life but seems to have been condemned to a meaningless existence by the very one that brought him into this world. He has lived a jinxed life and has accepted his luck, until God sends the most unlikely channels to turn the course of his life around.


The title could easily have been a term not uncommon to Christianity like ‘Cursed’ but it uses a word that anybody could relate with, thereby reaching more individuals, especially those who have accepted their fate in life. Jinxed shows us a better way by inspiring us to have faith and pray earnestly.


It isn’t popular to see a movie that makes all the right decisions in its aesthetic and technical components, but that is what obtains in Jinxed. This short has many distinct properties, among which is its fantastic sound design, an aspect that not many Christian films have been able to explore successfully. One of its benefits is the relatedness and smooth transitions it creates between scenes. It makes use of theatrical elements at its disposal that make watching it a rich experience. An example is its use of both English and French subtitles, which expands its potential viewership.


Another thing Jinxed does is to let the cinematography do a bit of the story-telling, rather than leaning heavily on dialogue. The gaps it leaves in dialogue and shots are things that can be easily inferred by the audience such that no sooner do you wonder what a certain gap means than you figure out the answer. Jinxed is an engaging and impactful movie.


Two vital elements of any movie are the protagonist and the story; Jinxed gets it right in both. Payin, wonderfully played by Adegoke Jolaadura Ezekiel, is someone we’d care about. His character is well-built despite the fact that there wasn’t a lot of time to do that. Jinxed re-tells a very short biblical and historical narrative in a very refreshing way. When all the pieces come together and you discover what story it is, the message hits you with clarity. Jinxed is indeed a gospel movie and is very impactful.


Without spoiling the movie for you, it ends on a very sweet note portrayed in a memorable and amusing way. I’d state here that Jinxed is up there with my favourite short films, and I’ll label it “A fresh and creative take on an Old Testament story of a turnaround”.


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