Drama as Seyi Pedro Jokingly Refuses Plea From Bayo Effect For Changing Her Look With Bizzare Makeup



By Joy Adeosun, Oluwafemi Dosu

Notable Gospel Actor Evangelist Seyi Pedro has Jokingly refused a plea from resourceful Make -Up Artist, Bayo Effect after he changed her look with odd makeup on a movie set, Gospel Film News gathered.


Bayo Effect make this known on his verified social media handle on Monday. The make up and special effect artist was seen in a video knelling with one leg apologizing to Seyi Pedro-Adetola for applying such makeup on her face which completely changed her look.


The Makeup was done on the location of Should I Marry Her? The movie was directed by first-class movie director and actor, Dr. Adeoye Omoniyi and Produced by Taiwo Ayoola.


In his words: “I’ve been pleading and begging sister Seyi Pedro to forgive me but she is not ready to agree, E jowo e bami be won o. What does she want, as in kini etutu ti won fe gba.”


Comments started rolling in by Netizens since the release of the video.


Gospel Film News gathered that one of the viewers, Isaac Olaniyi Omibeku says “sister Oluwaseyi Pedro àshé e èe le..so fear when he wan carry you go the presence of our Baba and Mama gan gan😂😂”


Another Netizen, Julius Kayode noted that “omo wa si ni, e darijin ma, ko mo mo, omode lo nse.”


Another movie director and academic, Dr. Oladoye Segun also said “Bayo Effect why are you begging her, abeg add to her face jare make she look more beautiful.”


An actor, Olajide Ademola Ogunmilade commented on the post saying “Add more makeup for her jare, we dey your back.”



Meanwhile, Seyi Pedro-Adetola was the first to report the incidence on her Facebook page noting that she might not greet Bayo Effect and the movie producer, Taiwo Ayoola again.


“If I don’t greet Bayo Effect again, e get why😡😡😡. If I just dey snub Ayoola Taiwo Christian henceforth, e get reason
I no dey vex for no reason…Anyways, let’s concentrate on SHOULD I MARRY HER? You should be able to answer the question after watching the movie. Stay tuned.”


Please help Bayo Effect apologize for professionally doing his craft and changed the look of Seyi Pedro-Adetola to fit her role in the movie. Watch out for ‘Should I Marry Her on Ogongo TV channel on YouTube.


Below are picture evidence of how Seyi Pedro-Adetola looks after the makeup and the video of Bayo Effect pleading.


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