By Segun Badejo 


We got to ABC Motor Park in Festac that faithful evening where we were to board a Luxurious Bus to Ghana early the second day. We approached the counter to pay the transport fare and we got the greatest shock of our lives. The fare had increased. The money with us couldn’t cover for four of us. God what do we do? We quickly went to an ATM center close by and withdrew all we had in the account to cover the transport expenses

The final stop of the bus was Accra park whereas our own destination was Northern Ghana. Accra was just a half way. All we had in hand could only cover for Accra. From Accra Ghana to Tamale and from Tamale to Sakogu, we would have to rely solely on God for finance. We were all excited wondering how God would take us to the mission field. Early the second day, we waved goodbye to Nigeria as our bus left the park for Ghana. Towards the night as we approached Aflao, the last border before entering Ghana, it came to my mind that we should stay over the night in Tema instead of stopping at the park in Accra. At least we’ll have the luxury of sleeping on bed and eating decent meal. So i called our friends in Tema to inform them that we’ll love to stay overnight in their house. So when we got to Tema, we alighted and proceeded to their house. They all welcome us with great joy.

The second day, as they were taking us to the motor park for the next phase of the journey Accra to Kumasi, my heart was beating fast because I was tempted to ask for help from our friend but integrity will not allow me to open my mouth. So I started praying under my breath to God to intervene at the park and give us financial miracle. At the park, our friend took an excuse and disappeared. Shortly later, she reappeared with Kumasi bus tickets for four of us. Hmm, what a relief. We joyfully and thankfully entered the bus and settled in our sits thanking God for coming through for us.

We have friends in Kumasi and we’ve already called to inform them we were on the way hoping to stay over the night in their house. We got to Kumasi around evening and proceeded to our friends house. They were so happy to see us. We rested over the night. Our journey from Kumasi to Tamale was to be a night journey because of the distance. So we waited till evening of the second day still wondering what kind of miracle will settle our transport fare to Tamale, the gateway to Nothern Ghana. We have been to Kumasi several times for drama missions so we always feel at home anytime we are there. Some friends came to visit us and they later left the house with our host. They arrived later with four tickets again telling us to get set. This blew our minds. It was a journey of faith all through and God was just so faithful to us. When we got to the park, the ticket they bought for us was that of the best luxurious bus in the park, fully air-conditioned. We entered and they still put an envelope of Ghana cedes into our hands in case any expense arise. We never opened our mouth to ask or tell them of our financial state, so it was God working in the hearts of His children to fulfil His heavenly counsel to lead us to our mission fields in Northern Ghana.

So we journey through the night and arrived Tamale at around 1am in the night. We did not know anyone in Tamale, so our sister had helped us call some brethren to pick us up at the park.

Tamale was not our only destination but also some four remote villages and towns around Ghana/Bukina Faso border. In Tamale park, the brothers came for us and took us to their house to rest a bit before morning when we would continue the journey to Nalerigu and finally to Sakogu our first mission base. We called our contact Missionary to inform him we were already in the North and needed direction to the next town. He directed us and we boarded the bus at the park we got to Nalerigu where he had been waiting for us. We were all covered with dust and ache all over but the joy of the Lord was our strength. No one complained. We were all eager to get to our destination. We left together for Sakogu. By this time we had left civilization behind and all means of transportation were donkeys and motor-king. Motor- King is a motorcycle with attached container for carrying passenger. We arrived Sakogu in the afternoon and settled down to rest our aching bodies.

Our team consist of six people. Four of us from Nigeria, our Missionary friend and a brother. In the evening, pastors and friends came to see and greet us. We were to spend a week in each community, so the second day, the work started in earnest. Lots of lives were saved through our drama ministrations and trainings. We still manage to shoot a movie with them. On Sunday a day before we left, we distributed ourselves to minister the word in various churches around. And one of us even conducted naming ceremony in the church after the sermon. Parting was not always easy. But it’s part of life. We had to leave for Nalerigu, our next place of assignment.

Here we combined Nalerigu mission with Gambaga. The work had been so tedious for me as the leader. After training in the morning and afternoon, ministrations in the evening, I will still seat at the table at night to write script because each of the scripts of the five short movies produced in each community was written on the mission field. After a week in both Nalerigu and Gambaga, We left Nalerigu for our next place of assignment, Bolgatanga. We were overjoyed because Bolgatanga was a town. We saw cars and other vehicles moving around and big modern houses as we returned to civilization. We couldn’t get accommodation with the brethren so we got an hotel accommodation. Paying for the three rooms was not easy. But God used a pastor to pay for some days. He had used our movies for evangelism here and there and he testified that hundreds of souls had been saved through the efforts. After the money he paid expired, we had to start living life of rugged faith again. We thank God for our Missionary friend who was used to our kind of life. We left Bolgatanga for Tamale. The mission work in Tamale was not easy because the preparation was not enough. Here we had to pay our hotel bills everyday by faith and God was faithful. At a time our sister in Kumasi sent money to support us. Living by faith is exciting and interesting, but at times it could be energy sapping and stressful. But we bless God for seeing us through successfully.

The day we left Tamale on our way back to Nigeria, we only had on us money to take us to Kumasi. So we traveled to Kumasi to spend a night with our friends before proceeding to Accra. We arrived Kumasi on Saturday night and on Sunday, we contacted a church in other to be a blessing to them through our drama ministration. We had ministered in this particular church three times on different occasions. After the ministration, the pastor called me into his office and said he appreciate our ministry so much. He had given us nothing during our previous ministrations in his church yet we kept coming to be a blessing. He opened his draw and brought out a fat envelope. I was so excited because I knew God just settled our transportation back to Nigeria. We returned to Nigeria giving God the glory for a successful Mission. Multitude came to know and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and Drama ministers were raised to further the work.

“Finally brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you”. 2Thessalonians 3:1

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