David Okeowo charges drama ministers to seek more knowledge in their area of calling


By Oluwafemi Dosu
Veteran Film Maker, Evang. Kola David Okeowo is calling on drama ministers in all climes to seek knowledge in their area of calling via drama school.

Okeowo made this call in an exclusive interview with Gospel Film News in Lagos recently.

“If you are called into film making, as you search the word you also need the technical aspect. The technical things is just stands to reason that you know about it. If your knowledge will be to go through YouTube teach yourself, seek knowledge.

If it is to go through a school, go though it, seek knowledge in any way don’t just say God called me. That’s why you find a lot of ignorant productions, good messages but bad delivery, you can’t hold God responsible because he has done his own by giving you awesome message, He expects you to present it,” he said.

He continued: “Don’t forget our presentation is limited by our knowledge, that’s the truth of the matter. The things i say, the way i say the things i say is based on the knowledge i have. Even Jesus Christ, many of the parable He told were Israel based.

He will talk about stones and the likes because that’s His culture, that’s His area. So, it’s based on what He knew that He taught and the people He was teaching.

If you want to do a teaching, it’s based on your knowledge, so for me i will just advise that when God calls you into an area, whatever it is whether its stage, i’ve seen so many stage ministrations, powerful messages but the way it is been done.

So, my own humble counsel is if God calls you to an area seek knowledge in that area. I’m hesitant to recommend film school in Nigeria because the truth of the matter is the standard is…..i don’t know. It’s not about even a physical film school but my own counsel is seek knowledge about it, go online, learn about acting,
read it up, there are so many blogs, you can google it, learn it. If it is camera work learn it, anything, learn under people, you know just seek knowledge it will beter your person.”

The veteran disclosed that In his little travels, in his little experience he discovered that it’s only in Nigeria that we argue about knowledge and spiritualize ignorance, adding that he’s saying that with all humility and sense of responsibility.

“It’s only in Nigeria that someone will brag that he doesn’t need knowledge about something. Believe me, anywhere in fact, it is true God can call you without any qualification but what i find out is that those who God calls in other climes the next thing they want to do is to seek knowledge in the area of their calling.
“Not that you seek knowledge before the calling, when God calls you the next thing you want to do because you want to give God the best, the next thing is to seek knowledge.
“Knowledge could be in the form of searching scriptures. you find some pastors telling you when God called them they started reading the scripture for days, they were searching. They didn’t just say God called them and they carry bible, they were searching the word because they are pastors.”

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