Life is too short to live on trial and error- Shola Mike Agboola


By Oluwafemi Dosu

Legendary Drama Evangelist, Evang. Shola Mike Agboola has stated that Life is too short to live on trial and error.

Agboola stated this recently during the maiden edition of the Youth Convention organized by Trinity Household of Faith.

Agboola who was speaking on the theme “Wired For Exploits” noted that to be wired for exploit is to be equipped for exploit and there is a purpose for being wired, adding that at creation, God wired man for exploits.

According to him, “God put His life and image in man at creation (Gen 2:7). God invested His workmanship and craftsmanship in man. God gave man a mandate. God expects us to do exploits in all areas: spiritual, physical, academic etc.”

He further revealed that no matter how good the wiring is, once there is no connection to the source, it is useless, saying to be wired for exploits, you must have always been connected to the source.

Agboola enumerated criteria for doing exploit as, knowing Christ, discover purpose because you are here for a reason and for a season, fear of God, have a focus, Avoid covetousness, Avoid lust, and you must discover what you are wired for.

“Life is too short to live on trial and error. Find out from your maker why He has created you so that you will not waste the little time you have,” he concluded.

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