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By Kunle Adepoju

Good day everyone, welcome to MEFA page this week and thank you for always following, commenting, liking and sharing by this act, you help spread the gospel we believe and preach here to the world.

Today I am sharing an opinion which I was privilege to share in a group of Gospel filmmakers earlier this week and i felt my platform here will help me nail my point to a conclusion.
First, i want to celebrate the leadership of that Filmmakers group for allowing people share their mind without fear of someone will shut you up or reign curses on you.

I have always believe that every foolish opinion will have a slice of wisdom in it for anyone who will allow and take time to analyze the folly of the opinion. Mind you, I am not here for an uproar, I am for peace and the progress of gospel film in my domain and I believe when forum like this allows opinion to be deliberated upon, our Filmmaking style will be better. Leaving the digression, is church our market as gospel Filmmakers? Why do we make gospel films?
What is our focus as gospel Filmmakers?

First, if our reason for making gospel films is to entertain or be like them(make movies like the secular films) then it is better not to call it gospel movie. Our reason for being a gospel Filmmaker is to, by our films bring men to the knowledge of Christ. So, if our church or we as church is the only audience we are producing for, then we are not yet fulfilling the mandate.
The gospel mandate is “go yé into the world” not go yé into the church. And if a film will be gospel film, the mandate must not be missing.

Let me challenge us. Can we do a little statistic of how many gospel films has been made in Nigeria from the start of gospel film sector? How many of these have reach the world? How many of our yoruba movies with great salvation messages has been voiced into other foreign languages for the purpose of spreading the gospel. But we are here crying that our film didn’t sell.

Even, the sons of darkness are wise in their kingdom. Imagine how many indian and Chinese films has been voice into yoruba. Hmmm, so much work to do in the vineyard. If we focus on these so enormous work, He is faithful to His word, “…all other things shall be added” , He said.
Are you truly ready to make gospel films? You must be ready to go into the world.

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